Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday's Walk...

Guess you could call it a walk but it was a lot more like the hike. I enjoyed it immensely. I already gave you the stats yesterday and one picture.

To give you a little lead in to the photographs... This series of three falls is on the top of a mountain.

From the top of the first fall with daughter and fiancee standing on top.

At the bottom of the same fall.

A picture of me from the bottom of the first fall. See the little red dot in the center? That's me!

For some reason the picture of the second fall is on the camera but won't download to the computer.

The third fall. See the little people under the water?

A close up of feeling just how cold the water is.

And the water shifted giving them a shower.

The beautiful stream that feeds the falls.

A few of the stairs I had to climb both down and up again.

Taking a little rest near the parking lot.

We came home and collapsed.

OK, you all can answer this for me I'm sure. When you use as many extra calories as I did yesterday, does it count for the food already eaten or that you are going to consume later that day? Because I wasn't good last night. Got into some cookies and now I'm worried.

And BTW, my little hummers are going through a half gallon of feed a day now. They sure are keeping me busy stirring sugar water up for them.

Hope your weekend was a pleasurable as mine.

Now it's off to get caught up on what all you have been doing since Friday morning.


MaryFran said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

As for earning the calories that you are eating and when those calories have to be eating. I've always understood it to be for the day. I've eaten heavily and then gone to work out later and vice versus. I think all that really matters is that at the end of the day that you you expended more calories than you take in.

That said, sometimes after I've worked out really hard...I just seem to eat so much that evening. And I panic, but you know what?? As long as I do not binge eat, my weight is just fine! I guess I just need to eat a little more those nights to replenish what I've used!

Katschi said...

I agree with maryfran. I've always understood that activity points are for the day, doesn't matter if it's before or after you eat.
As for the cookies... If it's only once in awhile, it'll all even itself out. You could NOT eat your activity points tomorrow or cut down a couple of points if you're really worried. You'll be ok :)
Your pictures of the falls and where you hiked are beautiful. I wish I had someplace as nice close by to walk.

Cammy said...

Those are gorgeous photos! Those are also some serious steps--I'm impressed!

As far as counting the cookies, I've read (and heard) that we should have extra calories on extreme workout days. (I guess that's where the WW activity points come in.) I think they mean having healthier calories than cookies, but I honestly don't think a cookie splurge every now and then is a bad thing either.

Donna said...

What beautiful waterfalls! Aren't you glad you've been doing all this cardio so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with your family!?

Looks like you guys had fun, I'm jealous!

Pattie said...

Deborah, those shots are absolutely stunning! What a beautiful area for hiking. I'm way jealous! :-)

The cookies? Count 'em as a vegetable and move on. Today is a new day.