Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thinking Back to a Past Comment...

Someone, some time, asked me about growing my own veggies. Can't for the life of me remember who or when (I have "oldtimers" you know). But it has stuck in my mind as something to post about and do some explaining and now's the time.

1. I hate growing a garden. Lazy me doesn't like to spend the energy and time planting, weeding, watering and reaping. Now that's lazy, folks. Mom always had a garden after I grew up and moved out of the house and she'd invite me over to help in the garden. I hated what she made me do. Except for harvesting potatoes. That one I loved. Forking over the soil and finding all those cute little new potatoes among the big ones. I could sift through that dirt for hours looking for the little nuggets.

2. I decided I'd try it here starting with tomatoes. I LOVE fresh homegrown tomatoes! Year before last I was vigilant in planting them at just the right time to have wonderful, juicy tomatoes by the middle of the summer. Well, I had these scrawny little tomatoes but not by the middle of the summer but rather around the first of September. I cared for the plants just like I was supposed to and was so disappointed with the outcome. Got to talking to a friend about it and was told, as he was setting on my porch, that I didn't have enough sunshine for veggies. I've got too many trees in the way. My trees are not in my yard proper, but rather on the perimeters of my yard. There just isn't enough sunshine getting through during the day to grow veggies. If I cut down more trees I'd be able to see the neighboring cabins and to my chagrin they'd be able to see me. Then I wouldn't be able to walk around outside in my jammies when I wanted to. And privacy is what it's all about where I chose to live. So, alas, no veggie growing for me.

You'd think living where I do (out in the country) that I'd have lots of fresh veggies to choose from but most of the county where I live is National Forest and not many farms. So I usually just pick up whatever the local grocery store has in the produce section but mainly I buy frozen ones, they're cheaper than the fresh. And since it is only me eating in this lonely house, fresh veggies spoil before I can get them all eaten and I hate throwing away those wonderful things. (This last paragraph sounds familiar, so forgive me if I've repeated myself.)

Legs aren't hurting this morning, YAY!! Have plans of exercise of some kind today. I got a new DVD for beginning Yoga and I think I'll give it a try. Received a catalog in the mail last week that had "Sweatin' to the Oldies" (with Richard Simmons) DVD and I'm definitely going to order that for the winter when there is a foot of snow on the ground and I won't want to get out in that and walk. I'm not crazy about Simmons but I do like the songs since that was the era I grew up in and I've had a lot of folks my age tell me they really enjoyed it. It was originally on VCR tapes and has just been released this past year on DVD. Much nicer, since I don't have a VCR anymore.

Happy blogging out there.


Donna said...

You are so cute, I can just see you out in garden sifting through dirt looking for little potatoes with a smile of anticipation on your face. =D

Too bad you can't grow your own veggies, but at least it gets you off the hook so you don't have to just feel "lazy."

The oldies video sounds fun! Maybe the DVD will have an option to keep his voice down and the music high. I have a few workout DVDs like that, which is especially nice for this Hip Hop Abs workout where the guy is SOOOOOOOO annoying!

Donna said...

I just noticed your new kitten face. HOW CUTE!!!!!!

Pattie said...

Hey Deborah - that was me asking about growing veggies (don't worry: I have oldtimers, too. Or CRS, as we call it around here!)

That's too bad that you can't grow your own, but as Donna says, it's a great excuse so you don't have to call yourself "lazy!"

JC said...

Hey, sorry I've gotten behind on my blog reading. Now I'm caught up. What a wonderful series of pictures. the falls are awesome.

You are doing great to sweat the lb. it could be water. I retain when I exercise a lot.

Thanks for coming by and commenting on Thankful Thursday post. Something is going on with blogger and I have been getting an error message all day. I can sign in and get to dashboard and go to post and see the post but when I click view blog I get the same message. Very frustrating for me an for my niece whose blog I usually post on because the link isn't working. When I got the comment for you I know a least one person got to read it.

Can you freeze chips? or was it cookies? Blessing, JC

MaryFran said...

Sweatin' to the oldies! Richard Simmons exercise tapes just make me laugh when I go to do them. In his annoying way, it just makes me laugh..and I forget that I'm exercising. Good luck when you get the dvd!