Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer...

Boy, did I ever take the week off. I was planning on going to the store and running my usual errands last Monday and didn't. Then I thought since the dump was opened on Wednesday and I wouldn't have to lug my garbage bags from the outside of the gate, I'd go then, and didn't. So here it is Saturday and the dump is opened today too so I guess I'll just have to make myself get out of the house. I'm out of chicken and salad stuff so that is the main reason. Did I mention I'm lazy? :o)

It has been so beautiful here, temperature wise, this past week. It's been reaching the low 80's by late evening but really nice the rest of the day. I feel so bad when reading your blogs about the sweltering heat. We usually have those days in July and August without any relief but for some reason this year it has been glorious.

I've got some special company coming next Saturday. (Will tell you who later, I want to build the suspense.) Two ladies that I haven't seen in two and a half years and I'm so excited, every time I think about it I almost wet my panties. And one of them is on a diet too so I won't have to worry about what I'll be cooking for them. The other is not, the skinny butt, so I'll have to ask what to have in the house for her.

Exercise is still on the fritz but eating has been good. Except for last night. For some reason I just wasn't sleepy when I went to bed and ended up getting back up and coming downstairs to watch a little more TV and crochet. Then the bad part...I got hungry and had a half a peanut butter sandwich. That in and of itself wasn't so bad but it made me go over my plan for the day.

Have a grand weekend!


JC said...

Deborah, You are so funny. Isn't it amusing when we can get that excited. Thanks for coming my and responding to my rant. Good to know there are people what will accept me anyway. My posts will probably get more health/food/exercise oriented because I haven't done well since I've been back. Bottom line more ranting.

I've done well today. I can't wait to hear about your visitors. Feed the skinny one whatever you feed the other one. She doesn't eat much anyway.

Speaking of your PB sandwich, have you heard of a product called PB2. It is powered peanut butter. You take two tbsp of powder and one tbsp of water and mix. You got peanut butter with all the fat. Check it out at They are in Tifton, GA.

Grace and blessing to ya.

JC said...

I meant to say without all the fat in the first comment. DUH!!

Cammy said...

LOL Isn't it wonderful that a "splurge" is a half of a sandwich? A s/w that's reasonably healthy? Maybe you didn't need the calories, but at least it boosted your daily nutrients. all things considered, not bad at all!

Have a glorious sunday!

Tony said...

peanut butter is healthy and that half sandwich was probably no more than 130 calories, not bad at all.

MaryFran said...

Girl, you need to look at the positive. Yeah, you had a little itty bitty sandwhich that put you over your daily allotment. But lets look at this realistically. In previous times would you have eaten just a half of sandwich? ??? I thought not!