Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Small...

I would just like to know what in the world the people that make clothes are thinking. I finally had to accept the fact that I have gone down one cup size in my bras. I've kinda been putting that purchase off, not wanting to admit that that part of me is losing weight too. So I finally stopped and picked up a bra with the same size around but one cup size smaller. What the heck? It is so tight that I can hardly breath. Why is it that when you get a smaller cup size the size around is smaller too even though it says it's the same size? So now I'll have to wait to get smaller around for that one to fit. Yea, yea, I know, I should have tried it on but I didn't remember the anomaly.

Not much going on in my world. My younger daughter is in town but staying with her fiance's mother right now. Will see her sometime today. They aren't going to be able to stay all week because of some commitments during next week but will be back next Thursday night and will stay with me then. It's hard on them having both mothers living in the same area, having to split their time between us. I completely understand but the other mother gets huffy if they don't stay with her all the time.

Have a great Saturday.


MaryFran said...

I'm sure your daughter and her fiance appreciate the fact that you understand that they need to split their time between mothers! My parents always understood but my mother-in-law just had fits about us splitting holidys and such (and we live locally so it's not like we never got to see them!)

I think the makers of clothes should be shot period. Not just for the bras...but for the non-uniformity of clothing sizes across the board. If someone asked me what size I am...I'd start rattling off numbers...reminiscent of the good old song by Johnny Cash, One piece at a time.

Sparky said...

I don't understand how bras work whatsoever! Some of mine are an F. Seriously. I am not that big! It makes no sense.

Fatty said...

Congratulations on losing enough weight to even need a new bra! Way to go!

I can't wait until I am to that point! I can't wait!

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