Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm in the Dark Ages...

This phone company is going to drive me crazy!! I tried to get online this morning and there was a recording that "my call could not be completed as dialed." So I tried to call a neighbor to find our if here phone was giving her fits. Same message. So...I tried a long distance number and it worked. Now that led me to call the phone companies 800 number. They put me on a call back list, wouldn't even let me hang on. After a while they did call back and I reported the problem. I was told they would send a repair person out within 24 hours. At this point I'm setting here having withdrawals from blogging and started to pace the floor. I mean, have you ever had the blog-DT's? They aren't pretty, I can tell you. Within 15 minutes they subsided when I got a call from my phone company again.

Hold on a minute, my boiled eggs are done. Be right back...

Sorry that took so long, I had to stop and eat them while they were hot. Boy, was that ever good. Two semi-hard boiled eggs and a cheese biscuit with a little light butter. YUMMMMM!!

Where was I? Oh, yeah...It seems that they have run out of phone numbers in my state, finally, and they are having to change over some equipment while they get the new area code going. Which means that I have to put my area code in front of any local numbers that I'm calling. That's fine, but I did tell them that it would have been nice to have gotten some kind of notice of this happening. It seems that they did send some mailings out. Of course I didn't get one, go figure.

Now, I'm back to my Internet dial up problem. I'm pretty computer savvy at least with software and can pretty much figure out anything given enough time. But I was afraid the DT's would start again so I bit the bullet and called tech support to get them to work me through changing the telephone number for my dial up. I knew how to do this but I just couldn't remember how to get to that window. With these old brain cells of mine I guess the old saying goes, "If you don't use it you lose it."

As you can tell, it worked!!

Now I can't remember what I was going to blog about this morning. Durn those brain cells.

Hope you have a great weekend, and I hope yours didn't start off as frustrating as mine.

Friday, February 27, 2009

An Old Recipe...

Here's a recipe that most people will love. Sorry, but it isn't low in calories. There's just not much of a way to do that. It's been so long since I've made it (around 30 years) that I don't remember how much it actually makes. So what I've done is list the nutritional value for the TOTAL recipe. So when you see the nutritional values please don't faint away.

Homemade Granola

6 cups Rolled Oats
2 cups slivered Almonds
1.5 cups Sunflower Nuts
1 cup Sesame Seeds
1 cup coconut
1 cup wheat germ
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup honey
3/4 cup brown sugar

Combine first 4 ingredients on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes.

Mix remaining ingredients with the warm ingredients.

Spread out on cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Cool and scrape off.

For TOTAL recipe:
Calories 8,892
Total Fat 554 g
Saturated Fat 96 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 212 g
Monounsaturated Fat 238 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 176 mg
Potassium 10,558 mg
Total Carbohydrates 1,177 g
Dietary Fiber 219 g
Sugars 155 g
Protein 227 g
Vitamin A 1.4%
Vitamin B-6 402%
Vitamin C 10.3%
Vitamin E 723%
Calcium 560%
Folate 451%
Iron 758%
Magnesium 1,042%
niacin 281%
Phosphorus 1,,62%
Selenium 408%
Thiamine 899%
Zinc 661%

Now, if you add up all the cups and half cups of the ingredients and divided it out to be 1/2 cup servings it would be approximately 312 calories for that half cup. But you'd actually have to make it and see for yourselves. That is if you want to try it at all. I haven't made it since my girls were little but we all LOVED it and it's packed full of vitamins.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

See the USA in Your Chevorlet...

Do you remember that commercial? If you do you are like me and older than dirt :o)

I made the rice pudding (click for the recipe) using soy milk and other substitutions and it turned out G-R-E-A-T!! I usually just buy soy milk because it is lighter in calories and higher in Omega-3's. I'm not crazy about drinking it like I am whole milk, but on cereal, in coffee and for cooking soy milk works fine.

What? Two posts in one day? And here I told y'all that I wasn't in the mood to post. Actually I'm still not much in the mood but I just had to share this recipe with you, in case you like rice pudding.

A Few Mini Vacations...

I haven't been much in the mood to blog lately. Don't know why because I'm not down or blue. I think I just feel boring. There's not much going on in my life to write about. So if I'm not around for a while here and there, not to worry. I'm still reading and commenting on your blogs just not writing one of my own very often.

And mentioning commenting...I was reading and "trying" to comment on blogs on Monday and for some reason the word verification wouldn't work on blogspot. Think they have it fixed now because I just tried it this morning and it's working again. So if you were expecting me to comment on your blogs earlier and I didn't, at least I tried.

I do have one question for anyone out there that may have tried this. Has anyone tried to make puddings with soy milk instead of whole milk? And did it work? I've been dying for some rice pudding and I have the egg beaters and Splenda to use as substitutes, but don't know if the soy milk will work. I may just try it anyway. I've got Dinah Shore's recipe and it is just wonderful. I did set down last night and work out the calorie difference and it will only be 90 calories (instead of 200+) for a half cup. That's the way I always ate it before, 1/2 cup here and there and it usually lasts me a week. If it works I'll post the recipe.

Off to make some cheese biscuits for breakfast.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Book Review...

I highly recommend Charlie's book. It is very informative and interesting as well as humorous. In one of the early chapters he summarizes a lot of the diets out there now and how they work. He does emphasize how dieting is just a tool and we all have to find the right tool for us. And there's just the right amount of humor thrown in. I give it two thumbs up!!

We've got about 6 inches of snow. WHEN WILL IT END?!?!?!? Is it just me or does this winter seem to be longer than the past ones? I know, I know, I'm wishing my life away.

I figured out yesterday how to foil the sand man. I decided to have a cup of hot tea, and I like it really strong, in the early afternoon. Maybe because I brewed it so strong, but I was still wide awake at 11:00. I had to get on the computer and play some mindless card games to make myself drowsy.

Hope your week is starting out just the way you want it to.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just a Day in the Life of Me...

Boy did I ever get a good laugh this morning reading your comments on yesterdays post. Now I know who my true friends are, YOU.

She is a cantankerous old lady (one year younger than me :o). She usually says what she thinks and especially with me. After I posted yesterday I decided to go look in the mirror to see what she was talking about. The only thing I can figure is that she is jealous that I've lost so much weight or it is my shaggy hair. I haven't had a hair cut in a while because I'm trying to let it grow and it really needs shaping. Either way I don't pay much attention to her. She is also the county gossip and story teller. When she's telling me a story about someone in the county her husband is behind her shaking his head no. I think she truly believes what she says because there is usually a little bit of truth in it. She just embellishes it a whole lot. A couple of examples are: The UFO lights that several have seen including her, on the next mountain over from us or the mountain lion she's seen and heard accounts of on our mountain or the ghosts she sees regularly. I just take her with a grain of salt. She's even seen ghost Bob Cats!

On a happier note, I forgot to mention something nice that happened at the post office yesterday. When I walked in the post office I could hear my letter carrier talking in the back. First of all you have to picture my post office. It's very small as post offices go. I would guess that the whole building is no more than 30 feet square if that. The person working the counter came up to the front and was helping me take care of my business when my letter carrier sticks her head around the corner of the sorting shelves and is amazed. She screeched, "OMGoodness, I didn't know who you were until you began to talk." She proceeded to tell me how great I looked and asked how much I'd lost. That's another reason that what the neighbor/friend said later in the day didn't upset me much.

I was so sleepy yesterday evening at around 8:00 that I just couldn't keep my eyes opened any longer so I just went to bed. Boy I'm taking a nap today if I get tired because that was a horrible nights sleep. I was wide awake at 10:00, forced myself to go back to sleep and it happened about every 2 hours like that all night long. When I get sleepy early in the evenings like that I usually push myself past that wall somehow but I just didn't feel like it yesterday. Never again, I'll tell you.

Before I closed my eyes last night I did manage to read the first chapter of the book and I think it is really going to be a good one. Oh, I didn't tell you, but I bought mine from Charlie, not Amazon, and he personally signed it for me!

One nice thing about going to bed early yesterday was that the munchies didn't hit me and my eating was really, really good.

Hope your Sunday is WONDERFUL!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

From the Horrible Looking Old Lady...

I'm still hangin' in there.

Went off the mountain today to pick up the mail and got a nice surprise. Well, sort of a surprise, because I knew it was coming but just didn't know when. I ordered Charlie Hills' book "Why Your Last Diet Failed You and How This Book Won't Help You on Your Next One." I haven't started it yet but will tonight and will let you know how it is. Charlie writes over at Back to the Fridge. If you haven't checked him out, drop on over for a chuckle or two.

An interesting thing happened this afternoon. One of my neighbors came over for me to help her sign up electronically for Social Security. The first thing she said when she walked in was, "you look horrible." I just smiled and said thanks. She's the one that keeps encouraging me to quit losing weight and is having a hard time losing any herself.

Hope your weekend is going well.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust (craving that is)...

I'm still here. And I'm doing fine. Just taking some time off from blogging once in a while. As you've probably noticed I have been reading and commenting on your blogs. I just don't have much to talk about.

Sure is cold here but thank goodness we haven't gotten the snow that has been predicted. Just a dusting after the "little" ice storm on Wednesday. Glad that wasn't as bad as they said it would be.

Eating has been fine except for yesterday. I was watching something on television and saw french toast. I just had to have some so I jumped up and made myself one slice with some homemade maple syrup. I was terribly disappointed with it and now that it is out of my system I won't be wanting it again for a while if ever. It just amazes me that when I do that I am not satisfied like I thought I would be. Is that happening to you? It seems that my body just doesn't want all that bad stuff anymore. Course I haven't tried my two faves, KFC and Taco Bell Burrito Supreme. I'm kind of afraid to try them because then I won't have anything to dream about.

I'll leave you with this picture that I keep in my mind and on the desktop of my computer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ho Hum...

Not much going on in my life.

Had an appointment to get the doggies groomed today but cancelled this morning when I woke up to sleet and freezing rain. No sense driving in that stuff unless it's an emergency or a necessity and I can put the dogs off for another week or so if I have to.

Have been eating healthy.

NJ daughter won't be coming for sure this week. Guess I'll just have to find ways to entertain myself. I could start spring cleaning but as far as I'm concerned that's a dirty word right now in more ways than one.

Have a great HUMP DAY.

Monday, February 16, 2009

All's Quiet on the Home Front...

Yeah, yeah, I know I could freeze those muffins, but I DON'T WANT TO. I did well yesterday and only had one. And I even stayed within my calories :o)

I have some pumpkin custard in the oven right now. And the Cool Whip Free thawing. That will help keep me out of the muffins. I love that stuff.

Could you believe that the satellite TV people called me today and asked if I wanted to get satellite Internet? I don't think their right hand knows what the left hand is doing there.

Started crocheting something really different this morning. It's a wrap of sorts but really different. Will post a picture if it turns out.

Otherwise it's a quiet and boring day.

Hope your Monday hasn't been too stressful.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peace Dudes...

I need someone to smack my hands when I go grocery shopping and reach for the chocolate chips. I haven't purchased any in over two years and now I know why. I was cleaning out a cabinet this past week and found a package that had about a third left in it. No, I didn't throw it away like I should have. I also found a package of banana nut muffin mix. So...I decided to make the muffins and right before I was finished I got to thinking that the chocolate chips would probably be good in there too. I don't know if you've ever had a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts, yummmmm. It's been about 30 years since I've had one and I decided that adding the chocolate chips to the banana muffins would be good. OMG!!! Good doesn't describe them. Chocolate chip cookies were my downfall at Christmas and I am having a hard time resisting these things too. So it must be the Chocolate chips. I am never buying them again in my whole life, ahem, well, maybe not for a long time anyway. I did have two last night and wasn't even hungry, just couldn't resist. But I haven't had one today, yet. I'm going to allow myself one after supper tonight.

It's been a quiet Sunday for me. Got my kitchen cleaned up and ready to cook supper and dirty it up again. What a vicious cycle!! Ran the sweeper and took out the garbage. Then I vegged out on the sofa and watched some things I had taped last week. Gotta watch them all so I'll be all caught up on the new ones this week.

I even remembered to water my peace lily today. I've never had much luck with house plants or outside plants for that matter. I must have a black thumb. But for some reason I've been able to keep this baby alive for the past 3 years. It took me a while to learn how to care for it and I almost lost it at one point. But I finally found its favorite window and how often it likes water. I think I was drowning it before. When I finally figured out what it needed it only had two stalks left. That was a close one.

Have a happy, healthy week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Friday, February 13, 2009

God Must Not Want Me To Have...

high speed Internet. What else should I have expected on Friday the Thirteenth.

The satellite Internet guys didn't show up this morning. I didn't even get a call that they weren't coming. They were supposed to be here between 8:00 and noon. So I waited until 1:00 and called to find out what was going on. They started giving me the run around and then said they would reschedule. I quickly told them that they would NOT reschedule, they would cancel my order. They did. So I proceeded to call the company back to talk to a supervisor to lodge a complaint. They had cancelled alright but didn't bother to issue a refund on my payment for the installation. It was all I could do to keep from using a LOT of foul words with this company. They knew I was angry but I kept it clean. (Although thinking back, when the guy wanted to reschedule I did tell him he could "stuff it.") Anyway the supervisor was very apologetic and issued a refund on my credit card for the installation charge and gave me a discount on my next months satellite TV bill for my inconvenience. I guess I just have to put up with dial up Internet for the rest of my life. I know what I can do!!! I can send our new president a letter and ask him to get high speed in my area. He thinks all Americans should have high speed or DSL so maybe if I got him on board I could get my phone service to put it in. Sound like a plan to you?

Yesterday was one of those eating days. I just couldn't get satisfied or full. At least I kept it healthy (except for some Cheerio's cheese snack mix). Still no exercise. Just can't make myself get off my lazy butt.

Hope you have a healthy and happy weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today Was a Better Day...

Hope that all of you are safe after yesterdays weather through the mid to eastern US. We had a prediction of sever storms with hail and possibly tornadoes but all we got was a ten minute horrible storm and high winds, gusting to approximately 50 mph. I would love to have an anemometer to actually measure our winds sometimes but they are way too expensive. Luckily the power didn't go off this time around. I think it's because I am playing boyscout. I'm always prepared when I hear a prediction like that with extra water drawn and all the candles in the middle of the dining room table ready to light.

Hopped on the scales this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks and have lost another pound. Now this kind of maintenance I can handle. It makes me feel really good to know that I have formed so many new healthy eating habits. The real test will be this summer when I have company a lot, which means eating out some, and when corn on the cob is in season. I could easily eat a dozen ears at one setting when it's fresh out of the garden.

I've started crocheting something different this week. I'm making fashion scarves. They are about 2.5 to 3 inches wide and 55-65 inches long in varying patterns and colors. They are really fun to make. Here's a picture of three that I have finished. They are made from a soft shiny cotton. Will post one on a model (me) when I decide to put on something other than jammies. I did order more sock yarn when I ordered the yarn for these so I'm still into the socks too. Just have something else to work on so I can switch off now and then and not get too bored.
Later y'all.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Know it's not Mothers Day But...

Give your Mom a hug. If she's not close enough to hug, give her a call. I'm having a really hard time right now missing my girls. One I haven't seen since August and the other since Thanksgiving. It was so much easier on me when Larry was alive. I had him to keep me company and distracted from missing them so much. But now, alone, I need them more than ever. What got me into this mood is the fact that the one that lives closest to me was coming next week for about a five day visit. Now it looks like that may not happen. I may be getting ahead of myself in getting depressed so soon when they may still come heart is aching. This horrible economy is what is causing them to maybe not come. I even offered to pay for their gas but the fiance may have a chance to work with a friend during his vacation to make some extra money and I really can't blame him for jumping on that opportunity. Still...

Yesterday's eating wasn't so good. I stuck with the proper foods but ate a little too much of it. That happens from time to time and I know things will be better today. Mainly because I feel that whatever I put in my mouth right now may come back up because of my mental state.

Does anyone out there know if pasta freezes well?

I was so disappointed yesterday with a pot of Chili I made to freeze. The grocery store was out of the regular brand of diced tomatoes that I usually buy so I bought another brand. Big mistake!! I didn't know it until after the pot was finished and I was having a cup of it that the other brand of tomatoes I purchased was sweetened (and the label didn't say this). I know lots of people prefer their chili and spaghetti sweet but I'm not one of them. The only thing I could think to do was add vinegar and unfortunately I didn't add enough before I divided out and froze the portions. So now when I take my one cup containers out of the freezer I'll have to add a dollop more vinegar to get rid of the sweet taste.

Can you tell this isn't a good week for me? Hope yours is better.

Check out the Jillian Michaels giveaway over at Pudget!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Groceries and Gas...

I decided to play hooky for the past couple of days. Just didn't have anything to write about. And not much in the mood to surf the net either. So I'll be catching up on your lives here in a little while.

I finally went into town and did some grocery shopping. Whew, I was out of a lot of stuff and the grocery bill was rather high. But the good news... My local grocery store and a local gas station have teamed up (both are West Virginia chains). Now you present your "Fuel Card" at the beginning of your checkout for groceries and at the end you get money put on your fuel card for a discount on fuel. Woohoo! I chalked up 37 cents PER GALLON yesterday. The catch is that I have to use it by March 31st. No probem there. That is a wonderful way to help out the economy locally. Everyone needs groceries and then you get a break on fuel. Can't beat that with a stick.

Eating has been rather good the past few days but no exercise. Gotta get back into that phase of my life.

I had a really big dilemma, well not so big actually. I had scheduled the dogs grooming on the same day and time next week that I was supposed to be in Lewisburg for some tests. Well, this was a no brainer. I just changed the tests to April. I mean the dogs are way more important than a bunch of tests, right? Actually I changed the tests because I don't like the thought of driving over those mountains in the winter when there may be a snow storm before or during my trips. Would rather make all appointments down there in pretty weather. So my tests will be on April Fool's Day.

I just love the way I've rearranged my living room. So glad I did that. Now I've got to tackle my desk. I have a great "piling" system that I have to get a handle on. There's just no room for a file cabinet and I have a couple of those small file boxes under the desk but they are both full. Guess I'll have to go through them and cull out some stuff. I hate doing that. It hasn't been done since my husband died (he always did it) and invariably he threw something out that in a couple of months we needed. I loved that I could blame him for it but now I'll have to blame myself and I hate that.

Hope your week is going well and healthy.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Goodbye Snow...

How wonderful that the entire country is thawing out this weekend!! I'm thrilled and I'll bet so are you that we can all get outside this weekend without wearing 12 layers to keep warm. I didn't have any plans but think I may at least hop off the mountain to get my mail. And then see what happens.

But first, I'm sticking my head in my freezer to see what is in some of those bottom bins. then tweak my grocery list a little for Monday. Would go to the store today but I really need to go to the bank and it won't be opened this afternoon, so that can all wait until Monday.

Have a fun weekend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

$%#* &^$# &%$# and piffle-snot-boogers-crap...

Those were a few choice words I YELLED after the satellite Internet guys just left. I haven't gotten on-line all day waiting for their call to get directions on how to find me. They were supposed to be here between noon and 5:00. They finally called at 4:45 and were here by 5:30. They told me when they called to get directions, that it would take 4-5 hours to do the installation. I informed them that was fine with me. So after they got here they discovered that I live in a log home and the dish can not be mounted on a round surface. So they are going to have to dig a hole and put the dish on a pole behind the house. To do this they have to call some company called "Dig Safe" to get permission to dig and this company has to come out and survey the ground to make sure it is safe to dig. GOOD GRIEF! I told them that we built the cabin and I know where every electrical, phone or gas line is and where all the plumbing lines are. But he wouldn't accept that. So it is rescheduled for next Friday between 8:00 AM and noon. I decided I wanted the early time this time. Watch it snow a big one next week and they won't be able to get up the mountain. At least it will be the same guys and they already know how to get here.

I weighed myself this morning and haven't gained or lost. Woohoo! So that means that the maintenance is working.

I did remember to put the HRM on the other day and burned 358 calories in 15 minutes. That's a good burn! Didn't do any formal exercise yesterday because I was deep cleaning my living room and moving all the furniture to different places. I had forgotten how heavy my coffee table was. After lugging all the furniture around I felt that I had gotten enough. And my arms and legs are sore today from it. :o)

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still a go...

Ate well yesterday and got my exercise in!!

It's as "cold as a witches tit in a brass brassiere" here.

For some reason I can't get warm this morning. Think I'm going to have to leave the propane turned up a little from now on at night. I've been up for about 3 hours and the temp has only raised to 64 degrees from 50. I've got on as many clothes as I can and still move around. At least the sun is out so maybe some of the snow will melt.

Just got a confirmation call from the Internet installation people. So far so good. It dawned on me last night that I will have a different email (besides my gmail) and will have to change it with all the places that I do business with on the Internet. Yuck. Guess I'd better start making a list so that I won't forget anyone since I will be cancelling my other Internet provider. What a pain in the butt. And then again I won't have to worry about all those stupid businesses that send me stuff I don't want and have been trying to get cancelled.

Stay warm out there.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BL and Highspeed...

I was setting here watching Biggest Loser last night and the local (well, not so local because it's over 200 miles away) news started running crawls across the top of the screen warning of a winter storm warning in my area. They kept saying "stay tuned." So I did, even though I was droopy eyed and really wanted my pillow. They were saying that there was going to be an additional 8 inches by 6:00 this morning. With the 4 that fell yesterday I wasn't looking forward to having a foot on the ground. So I get up this morning and trudge down the stairs and glance out the window to an almost clear driveway. WHAT? The 4 inches is down to a dusting. I must have really slept hard last night because for that to happen we had to have had one heck of a wind storm last night. So the sun is out again and the weather service says another 2 inches today and one tonight. Yea, right. I think they are crying wolf and if they keep it up we won't listen to them when one really hits.

Well, I've gotten my hopes up again. Sure hope this time I'm not disappointed. I got a solicitation call yesterday telling me that satellite Internet is now available in my area. They identified themselves as being with my satellite company. I said, "heck yes, sign me up." Then he started getting my info and when he asked me for my credit card number my doubts began to surface. Mainly because my satellite company has my credit card on file because that's how I pay my bill. So I tell this guy that I'm not going to do that and that I'll be checking him and his company out and get back to him. I call my provider and after talking to them for a while find out that this guy is from their main competitor. So I'm told during the conversation that yes indeed high speed Internet is now available in my area, (and it's cheaper than what the other guy quoted me) and proceed to sign up for it. They are supposed to come Friday between noon and 5:00. Cross your fingers that they will show up this time and get me hooked up. Then I'll be able to watch MizFits videos, yay!

Eating was good yesterday but no exercise. Gotta do it today.

Yay, hump day is here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Houston, We Have...

Snow! It finally started yesterday afternoon and it was just about the prettiest snow fall I've ever seen. It was perfect as snow falls go. And it's still going. Not too much accumulation so far (4 inches) but enough to be really pretty.

I remembered to put my HRM on yesterday when I did the WiiFit Aerobics and get this... I did it for 15 minutes and burned 358 calories. Tell me I wasn't sweatin'. I even ran for 2 minutes! It lets you set your own pace and then calculates some sort of percentage. After you reach a certain percentage it unlocks a longer run. Right now I'm sticking to the 2 minutes. That's enough for this old body. It even has a place that weighs you and figures your BMI but it only suggests doing that every two weeks. So I will keep track of my maintenance weight that way instead of the conventional scales.

Karen at Fitcetera is having surgery today. Keep her in your prayers.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Six More Weeks?...

ARGH!!! Maybe I should adopt a new attitude, ONLY 6 more weeks. That sounds better doesn't it? This is my very own ground hog (West Virginia Will). He/she lives somewhere near the cabin because I see him/her often during the summer. Right now he/she is hibernating so there is no chance for him/her to see a shadow, although that is exactly what he/she would have done today. The sun is out and it is beautiful this morning. Well, as beautiful as it can be with all the trees bare of those beautiful leaves that I miss sooooo much. Watched the weather channel and kept checking their maps with the sky outside. It showed that it was raining right now and the sky is as clear as a beautiful summer day. What's with that? No clouds anywhere to be seen. Me thinks the radar is all messed up.

Wasn't that an exciting game last night? I didn't watch it all, tuned in right before half time. So I got to see the best part. But I have to say that I was disappointed with the half-time show performance. Did anyone else notice how off key "The Boss" was with his singing? I have to admit the only reason I ever watch the super bowl is to see the new neat commercials. I sat there slack jawed with them. Those were the stupidest commercials I've ever seen. If they had a good one in the first half, I wouldn't know but the second half was horrible. I wasn't even impressed with the Budweiser one this year.

I did snack too much yesterday, not necessarily during the game but snacked none the less. I'm sure I'll pay for it this week. Will have to put in a little extra effort on the exercising to compensate.

Hey, I've finally quit going to my canisters to turn on my microwave (after changing my kitchen around a couple of weeks ago)! It is a lot more convenient this way and I have a lot more counter space. I'm not the kind of person that keeps the counters in the kitchen pristine. I believe in keeping all the things I use all the time out where I can get to them easily. So it is a little cluttered at all times. I can't even imagine storing all the things that are used in cooking and getting them out each time they are needed. I'd have to spend too much time getting out and putting away and would be too tired to actually cook.
Have a great week!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hula Hoopster...

I'll tell you what, that Wii can kick butt. I'm having a blast with the hula hoop. I did it three times this morning trying to better my time with each try (which I did, BTW) and I was sweatin' like a pig. I had my doubts before the WiiFit arrived, that it was just boring and too easy. But now I know it isn't too easy. Needless to say I'm a lovin' it. I'm having some difficulty on the balancing part but I can handle the aerobic portion just fine. Will have to put in some more practice on the balancing to get better. I didn't even think to put my HRM on to see what the calorie burn was but will next time and report in.

Sure is pretty out today. Supposed to be up to 50 degrees. Talked to my neighbor this morning and he said there was a really bad storm coming. The National Weather Service doesn't say anything about it but the neighbor said it is the talk of the county and they are usually right. We shall see.

According to some of the comments about my going on maintenance, some of you think I won't be here anymore. Hey guys, I ain't goin' anywhere!!! I still need you. You are my support team. I can't maintain without each and every one of you. So if some of you thought you'd be gettin' rid of me, it ain't gonna happen. I'm here to stay. And besides, I'd miss you and what goes on in your lives too much to leave. You're my nationwide friends!!!!

Injoy Super Bowl Sunday!!