Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday with C n N...

Weigh-in today. :o( Still the same. Geesh, I sure wish I'd lose. That makes 4 weeks now without any movement. Of course no movement is better than a movement up. :o)

Walked for 40 minutes and burned 709 calories. Then...had an ice cream cone and a small piece of pizza. That was my splurge for this week. Well, at least I think it was. Cara's going to make cupcakes for her sister that is coming to visit us this weekend. Sister is a skinny thing and eats everything in sight.

Was going to be a short jaunt today and it turned into a long one. Only because we took time to stop and smell the proverbial roses along the way.

First we drove on a scenic route along the Greenbrier River.

Then we stopped at the local swimming hole (but forgot our bathing suits).

We then went to the Greenbrier River Trail State Park and had our walk.

We stopped to rest along the way and let N. play in the river. Cara played some with her but stupid me didn't think to pick up the camera. Actually REALLY stupid me left my camera at home so these pictures are from N's camera.

I am completely exhausted. These young whipper-snappers are wearing me out. I came home and hit the couch for an hour and got some of my energy back. But I think it will probably take me all of next week to really recuperate. I keep forgetting I'm an old codger and can't keep up with the youngins.

Tomorrow will be a driving trip again without much walking. But with more pictures.

Cara sat here and typed a post the whole hour I was napping and on her last sentence every thing she had typed disappeared. She was so discouraged. I don't know if she will try to retype it later or not.


Pattie said...

"I keep forgetting I'm an old codger and can't keep up with the youngins."

Yeah, but just keep thinking about how much wiser you are! ;-)

Those pictures are incredibly GREEN! Simply lovely - thanks for sharing.

Sparky said...

LOVE the photos! :) Glad you are having a nice visit!

JC said...

I haven't forgotten about you either. It is being a hectic week with schools starting back and my grant year winding down. You can take some of my motivation anytime you need it. I might be needing some of your sometime.

I'm so enjoying your visit with your girls. What a blessing you have in them. Grace and blessings to you.

Fatinah said...

pretty pictures!!

a maintain while you have guests is a great feat indeed! good work!!

MaryFran said...

Maintaining is actually a GREAT thing! It means that your body is adjusting to your recent weight loss!

And this week, with all the activity that you are doing, I'm sure you will be fine, even with a few possible extra eating splurges this week!

Donna said...

How beautiful!! I love these photos! =)

I'm sorry the scales not budgin', but I'm so proud of you for getting to where you are and sticking there. You are one AMAZING woman!