Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just got back from Lewisburg where I had lunch with one of the greatest people in the world. And one of my favorite bloggers, Cammy! YAY!! I was so excited to be meeting her that I had planned on posting this morning to let you all know but I got up a little late and didn't have the time. I had to reset my alarm clock after the power went off on Monday and did it wrong, so it was later than I thought it was when I woke up. Anyway...we had a nice visit. We lunched at a local restaurant (Food & Friends) then walked around for about 45 minutes and hit a couple of shops there. She is such a pretty lady, inside and out. What a grand experience! It's really neat, now when I read her blog I will be able to hear her voice behind her posts. She's on her way home now and will be there tomorrow sometime.

Well, the rest of my post can't beat that at all. Except...I lost another pound this week. It's been 4 weeks at the same weight so I guess I'm only going to lose 1 pound a month from here on out. :o( Not really, when the company stops coming and I quit eating out it will get better I'm sure. But company is coming again this weekend for a week. Good company though, my other daughter. (The skinny one that eats like a horse.) I'm sure not complaining because the winter will be long and lonely. And I'll have plenty of time to stay on plan with my eating.

Hope your Wednesday is as exciting as mine was.


JC said...

Get out of here. You had lunch with Cammy!!! Wow I bet that was awesome. You and Cammy are two of my favorite blogger. Glad you have company to look forward to . Congrats on the pound. Grace and blessings to you.

Pattie said...

How cool is that, Deborah - lunch with Cammy! How lucky you both are to have met in person.

And happy day - you dropped a pound! Life is good!

Anna Belle said...

Congrats on the pound loss. Way to go Deborah!!! Lunch with Cammy sounds like such fun. Actually lunch with you sounds like fun.

grammy said...

That was neat that you got to meet a blogger friend. I wonder how many times that happens. Congrats...every pounds counts (o:
Thanks for stopping by. The pic was taken in Medicine Bow Wo. About an hour and a half from where I live in Co. Our mountains around here are different than yours. Would like to see your area sometime.

Candace MacPherson said...

Isn't Cammy so lucky to have met you. Glad you had a nice visit. Enjoy your weekend. We're going school supply shopping and then one more woo-haw at the cottage as Monday is a holiday.

MaryFran said...

Nothing can beat time spent with friends and family!!!

Congrats on the eradication of yet another pound!