Sunday, August 24, 2008

Solitary Sunday...

Cara and granddaughter are on the road heading home. :o( They left around 6:15 this morning. Granddaughter and I were really dragging this morning because we stayed up quite a bit later than Cara. So I hit the couch after they left and got a few more z's in. Cara called when she got on the interstate to let me know she made it safely over the mountains between here and there. Glad she did that because it was really foggy this morning and deer can be a problem that time of the morning.

Sure is quiet here. I think I'm still tired because the loss hasn't hit me fully yet. My dogs really enjoyed all the attention while they were here. When they came back in this morning after their potty duties they went all around the house looking for them. They are going to have to get used to it just being them and Mommy now.

Can't remember if I mentioned building bon fires some of the evenings but we had our last one last night. Granddaughter roasted marshmallows at every fire and made s'mores. I didn't partake of them until last night. Just had to have ONE on their last night here. It was good but not as yummy as I remember them in the past so I have definitely moved on in my healthy eating habits. YEA!

I picked up some vanilla and caramel syrup on one of our shopping trips and had them in my coffee this morning for the first time. Wow! Wouldn't want it every morning but sure is a nice treat once in a while. It's the sugar free kind and when I checked the label found that it only has 5 calories and 4g of fiber for 1 ounce. In WW points I wonder if that would be negative points :o) since fiber lowers the points.

Gonna rest some today then have to straighten up around the house and run the sweeper. Didn't do anything to the house while they were here. Why would I? We were having too much fun to do those horrible duties.

Wonderful thing ::would you call this a bling::? We walked to the bottom of the falls yesterday as I mentioned in yesterdays blog and this morning my legs aren't sore. Wow! The last time (which was the first time too) I could hardly walk for 3 days afterward because of the pain. Interestingly, it was the calves last time and this time, ONLY on the walk, my thighs were really hurting. But nothing hurts this morning! I know, I know, I gotta get out there and get exercise regularly. Was talking to a friend and she was urging me to walk the falls once a week. Well, that ain't gonna happen. But several times a year, it just might. Also when I was doing the walk I only stopped to rest about half as much as the last time. My calorie burn on both trips was about the same.

My friend from Virginia is supposed to stop by today on his way home and will probably spend the night (he usually does). Think I'll wait for him to get here and have him help me with the house. At least I could get him to run the sweeper for me, couldn't I? You know, I am really thankful for his and his wifes friendship. He was a school chum of my late husband and I was wondering when hubby died if I'd ever see them again. I think they come more often now to visit than they did when hubby was around. Maybe they are just taking care of me in the only way they can, living so far away. I do feel blessed to have them in my life. They are always inviting me to join them at church retreats and road trips between my house and theirs. I was going to join them on the retreat next month but my other daughter will be here visiting that week for one of their vacations.

UPDATE: 12:51 PM

Was setting here at the computer and look what I saw out my window. It's the first one I've seen in my yard and the first one I've seen in 2 years. I was so excited I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post a piture.
Too bad I had the screen in the window. It would have been clearer. I was afraid that if I tried to go out on the porch to take it the little thing would have been scared away.

Guess I've rambled enough. Have a great Sunday!


MaryFran said...

I SOOOOO want to see a bear out in the wild! I keep hoping that someday while I'm out biking on the C&O canal (in the western section) that I'll see one. (I'd probably wreck my bike).

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful visit with your family!!! Good luck getting used to the quiet and solitude.

grammy said...

Seeing the bear was kind of like a special little gift to help deal with the sad time of family leaving. Glad you have more company to look forward to. Since I am new to your blog I was wondering why you live away from family. It is a beautiful spot.

JC said...

OMG what a treat to see a bear like that but I would be chicken to go out walking alone. I don't want you being their lunch. Still really nice to see. I'm glad you have more company to look forward to. It is raining big time here, resulting from Fay. Grace and blessings to you

->cara said...

And of course the bear waited until we left before he peaked his little head out of the woods. I kept looking and looking in the woods every time we went 4-wheeling or whenever we drove off or on the mountain and I never could see anything in the woods (except trees).

Oh well, at least you got to see it. How amazing!

Sparky said...

Bear? Bear? In your yard? Oh MY!!!!!!! (**eeps**)

Donna said...

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!! Okay... just bears, but still.

=) How cool and scary at the same time.

nmburleson said...

Oh that is so cool. I agree with Donna, scary and cool at the same time! :)