Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Ramblings on the Weekend...

What a wonderful victory! I had some left over "homemade" pork barbecue makings and just couldn't throw it away. So I had two yesterday. One for lunch and one for dinner. (On white buns.) If it weren't for the cookies that I couldn't stay out of yesterday the calories would have been fine. But the victory was, that by the evening my body was craving the good stuff. I really needed my salad with kidney beans! I think this means that I like the good stuff now. And my body knows what it needs now to stay healthy. I still have 5 (homemade) peanut butter cookies left and they are going in the trash as soon as I finish this.

Another wonderful food thing happened over the weekend. We stopped at a local establishment for lunch before walking the falls. I just ordered a chicken sandwich, knowing that I would need the protein and some carbs but didn't order the french fries. And you know what I really didn't want them. Then near the beginning of our walk everybody got heart burn but me. I got to thinking and realized that I haven't popped a tums in well over a year. "Healthy eating," strikes again!!

On Saturday afternoon we stopped at an acquaintance of mine that has offered to take us horse back riding. It was a busy weekend for him and he didn't have time this weekend but we did go to the field where the horses (and his mule) were and visited with them for a while. It was so cool!!! The horses came running toward us when we entered the gate and all started vying for affection. We were surrounded in horse flesh. There were about 6 that were all around me at one time, nuzzling me for a rub. I had on sandals and kept pushing on their bodies to keep them away from stepping on my feet, but it was so wonderful to have that many huge animals all around me at the same time. I did a lot of riding in my youth but haven't been on one in around 35 years. I am so looking forward to that in a few of weeks.

Weigh-in isn't until tomorrow but today I am showing a substantial gain. So tomorrow won't be any better, I'm sure. But I'm okay with that because I know what has caused it and how to get rid of it!

And my legs are killing me! They were hurting just a little yesterday morning and by the evening and even this morning, I'm having a really hard time walking. I look like Tim Conway shuffling across the cabin. And climbing the stairs to go to bed last night and coming down this morning was torture. At least they haven't cramped up on me in my sleep. Guess I wasn't really physically ready for the climbing I did Saturday but I enjoyed it enough to put up with the pain.

Hey, Cammy. Did I get to the top of any landmark with my 527 stairs?

Have a great day!


Tony said...

wow, I would have ordered the french fries. Just like how I ordered the cream cheese wontons with my lunch today lol. nice work.

Cammy said...

Ouch, sorry about those legs! Even sorrier about those homemade peanut butter cookies. :) Could they go in the freezer until a certain person comes up that way to visit? Just one. Two, tops. LOL

I'm sorry to report that you haven't made it to the top of the St. Louis Arch (1200 stairs), but you DID climb my 10-stroy office building three times!! That's a lot of steps!

If you have some Epsom salts, a nice warm bath with some Epsom salts tossed in might help your legs. It sure helps mine when I overdo.

No matter what happens with the scale tomorrow, you had one ROCKING week! Back pats from me!

MaryFran said...

I just love it when I make a realization about how my new healthier lifestyle has changed things for the better! Not popping tums like they are candy is a GREAT change!