Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eek, My Reputation is Ruined...

Did I say "youngest daughter" yesterday? Boy I am getting old. Oldtimers must be setting in. This one isn't the youngest, Cara is. But they're only 11 months apart so I'm sure you can see where I would make that kind of mistake, right?

The fiance brought his 4 year old this trip. She's already calling me Grandmother. Yea, I know, kinda stuffy name, isn't it? But you have to understand that I became a grandmother when I was 38 and I felt that I was just too young. I wasn't mentally ready for that one. My mother was MawMaw so that name was taken (and I would have never chosen it anyway). I felt at the time that I was too young to be a "Granny" and just decided on "Grandmother." Now that was a hard one for little ones but they finally got the hang of it. I digress...

I've got a reputation to protect here and it is getting harder and harder to do that. We went to the falls yesterday. Can you believe it? That's 2 weeks in a row! And 3 times in a month. What are people out there going to think of me? That I'm starting to enjoy exercise? I just can't have that kind of reputation. It would ruin my self-proclaimed laziness. We didn't go all the way to the bottom this time because of the 4 year old. We thought it would be too much for her. What were we thinking...she has more energy than all three of us put together. We just went half way down and the skies opened up. Thunder and all, which frightened the little one a bit being as we were outside with no cover except the canopy of trees over us. The little one has a lot of phobia's and Dad is working with her on overcoming them but we think Mom just increases those fears when she has her. We were drenched and dripping all over the car when we got there. It was muggy and seemed harder this time to climb back up all those stairs although now these old legs are getting used to the climb and no longer hurt. They will be coming back again next week and I'm hoping they won't want to do the falls again. I mean, my reputation will just go down the drain if I go again so soon. Forgot to strap on the heart monitor so I don't have a calorie count for you this trip, but I was huffing and puffing and sweating perspiring more this trip than either of the other two trips. Probably because of the mugginess.

Fixed an old fashioned pot roast for supper with fresh corn on the cob. I didn't eat the potatoes so I could have the corn. And they brought lots of "Jersey tomatoes," which are really sweet so I think I ate at least 1 1/2 of those with supper. I am so not looking forward to winter when I can't get good tomatoes, I love them.

Probably won't see much of the kids today. Fiance's mother was a little huffy last evening because they were at my house for supper, even though she and her boyfriend were invited. She said earlier in the day that she had plans and couldn't get out of them then she didn't go where she was supposed to go because of the rain (it was an outdoor event, which she didn't bother to tell anyone). Oh, well.

Until next time, y'all.


MaryFran said...

Shhhhhh! You don't have to lie and tell us that you were huffing and puffing when you hiked the falls. I know the ran right up those falls like an olympian athelete!!! :-)

Ok, ok ok....but I'd be crawling my way up there on my hands and knees, so relatively speaking, you did fly up!

Glad you are having a good visit (even with the other grandmother being selfish and huffy about the 'kids' time)

Cammy said...

Ah-HAH! Caught you! :)

I think it's not that you don't like exercising, so much as you don't like exercising alone. True or false?

I've never really tried exercising wtih anyone else, other than my friends for a few days last year when we were at a conference. It was fun, but I enjoyed striking out on my own just as much. I'm just weird that way. :)

Have a great week!