Friday, August 15, 2008

I'ma Lovin' Bloggin'...

This blog world is a wonderful place!

I just love being able to write about my successes and failures and conundrums! And to beat it all some people out there even read it!

It sure helped this week to write about my problem with evening snacking. By putting my problem out there for the "whole world" to see, well my little portion of it anyway, it truly helped me. I got great advice (see yesterday post) and found out that I'm not alone.

The past two nights have been a real success! I just kept telling myself that I didn't really need the snacks and demanded that my mind get off that subject. After all I had people out there in cyber-space that I had to be accountable too and I didn't want to disappoint them by not trying. I only had one snack last night and that was because I stayed up real late and actually got hungry. I did go over what I had planned for the day but not because of the snacking. I went over because of my supper being a little more than I had planned. But I was still within my allotment of calories.

Have to take the dogs to the groomers today to get them all clean and pretty for their company tomorrow. Actually they were scheduled to go next week but I was being selfish, not wanting to interrupt my fun week with my daughter and granddaughter (19 years of age, JC) by having to take them and pick them up. I've got more important things to do next week!

Have a great weekend out there in blog-land, I know I will.


Pattie said...

Hey Deborah -

Good for you, for making it through two evenings! What did you do different?

If you can, post a photo of the dogs after they're groomed. I'd love to see them!

SeaBreeze said...

Taking them early isn't selfish. It's sound planning.

MaryFran said...

The pups are ready and I'm SURE you are ready for your company! I just want to wish you well and lots of fun during their visit! Enjoy it to the fullest!

Meanwhile, give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for working to conquer the evening snack demon that had taken root! You go girl!

Cammy said...

I'm lovin' your bloggin' too!

Congrats on finding a way around the snack demon. (I didn't doubt that you could!)

Anna Belle said...

Wow, I know you are so excited to be having your daughter and grandaughter come visit. Hope you all have a wonderful visit.

BTW thanks for the Strawberry Pie recipe. I'm working on a grocery list tonight. Also, thanks for enduring my rant and giving advice.

BAT DROPPINGS!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! Hope they stay away while you have company.

Have a great weekend.

JC said...

YEAAAAAAAA!!!!! I love seeing me on someone else's blog!!! You are going to have soooooooo much fun. I'm so happy for you. You will not have time for snacking. They will be proud of your weight loss. I have relatives that don't recognize me.

I thought you lived on a mountain not in a cave. What are you doing with bats!!????!! I would have had heart failure. I don't do well with critters in my house.

I'm proud of you for taking control over the night time grazing and for order the the books. I'll be interested in hearing your opinions on them.

Glad you got the pups groomed for your company. Have a great visit with them. Take some pictures. I want to hear all about it. Grace and blessings to you.

grammy said...

I have been seeing your smiling cat around so I came to visit you. Great pictures. As far as snacking goes I think it might help to do what Kathy talked about and clean out your pantry. I sure need to. If we don't have it we are less likly to EAT it. I also find it helpful to eat a piece of surgarfree gun like eclipse wintergreen. It kind of talks your mouth out of wanting something. Have a great weekend with your gals.