Monday, August 11, 2008


Third clue to special company: There is approximately 20 years difference between each of our ages.

What a horrible Sunday. I sneezed all day. The histamines were flowing like a faucet. I was sure I was coming down with a summer cold but I'm not sneezing today. And I felt so bad yesterday that I went to bed at 7:00, got up around 9:00 watched some TV and went back to bed at 11:00. It must have been allergies of some kind. What allergies, I can't figure out because I was inside all day and nothing has changed from the day before.

Inside all day on a beautiful summer day? Yep! It is beautiful here but cool. Yesterday it didn't get above 74 degrees and as I'm writing this it is only 64 degrees outside. Seems more like fall than summer. It has been like this all summer. We'll have a week or so of cool temps and then a week or so of sweltering temps. That is really unusual even for the mountains. Usually when it gets hot here it stays that way for the duration of the summer. Wonder if that is an indication of a bad winter to come. I sure hope not. I hate beeing stranded on this mountain with a foot/feet of snow. That happened the first winter I spent here. We had 3 feet within a week and no one was getting on or off after the last foot and a half. I was driving an all wheel drive mini-van at the time so after about 4 inches it wouldn't climb the mountain and I sure wasn't going to see how well it would slide off either.

Along with all the sneezing yesterday I was starving all day. I usually type in all my meals in the morning, planning what I'm going to eat. Then I can delete or change it if I change my mind. Well, yesterday I ate everything I had planned and then had to add several things. I just couldn't stop. I was really craving stuff but thank goodness I don't have any of the "craves" in the house. I did have something yesterday that I hadn't had in a while. I sliced a half a banana and spread (not an easy task) some peanut butter on it and made a little sandwich without the bread. It was so good I had the other half 10 minutes later. Half just wasn't enough. My hormones must have been going through the "ick" stage without the ick that comes along with it. Did you know that still happens even after menpause? We never get rid of it all :o(

Exercise is still on the fritz. Next week there will be a lot because the company is staying for a week and I'm taking them to all my favorite walking places. And the falls again too. We'll even go to some places that I haven't posted pictures of yet so get ready for some more cool photos next week.

Hope your have an eventful week.


Anna Belle said...

Hi Deborah, Thanks for coming for a visit. It meant so much just to know someone is really out there and interested in me. Thanks for the tips. I can't wait to know who your guests will be. Funny you should mention hormones. I recently was put on some. Makes a world of difference. I'm looking forward to getting to know people in Blogland.

Donna said...

How fun to have guests come and for you to look forward to these adventures. =)

And I just checked your stats again, Wow, 60 lbs gone, I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!! You are doing so well!

JC said...

I see you have already had a visit from Anna Belle. Thanks for the favor. I owe you one. Sorry you aren't feeling well. But, I know you will not be down long. I'm so excited to find out who is coming to visit. Whoever it is he/she will have you out and about. BTW I'm looking like an ice cream cone too. HA!! Grace and blessing.

MaryFran said...

My husband and I were just talking about and wondering if this really unseasonably cool weather in August is a prelude to a horrendous snowy winter!!! I'm only one state away, in MD...and we are a bit nervous about what may come! Well, at least it's pretty if it does come!

Ahhh you were a teacher? What ages? Alas, that is one career that I loved...until the schools became quite unsafe (you don't even WANT to know my experience with teaching!..suffice it to say that I will probably NEVER set foot in a public school...neither will any of my as yet unplanned, un-conceived, and unborn children)

Cammy said...

Uh-oh, I hope those sneezes were a passing thing!

I *love* PB&B!! That's a great snack. Filling and tasty, too. Big bonus points for trying the half first to see if that did the trick. I would've gone for the whole thing right off the bat. You've reminded me that I need to work on that!

Hope you're all better today!