Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Full Tuesday...

Today was a really full day. We did a big loop. We've been enjoying ourselves in the mornings and relaxing on the porch with coffee and tea then leaving the house around noon.

Today we went to the Greenbank National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Here is a picture of the largest radio telescope in the world.

Then we swung around to Cass Scenic Railroad State Park. The touring trains are still coal powered as you can see by the black smoke coming out of the stack. We were disappointed that the last train of the day had already left so we may go back Saturday night and ride the "Fiddles n' Vittles" train. We haven't decided yet.

Then we went up the mountain to Snowshoe Ski Resort. Cara had been really smart and picked up coupons at Greenbank for free lift tickets at Snowshoe. So after a cute photo op...We got on the lift and rode down to the lake and back up. We shopped a little after that and then headed home to have a yummy supper.

Supper was homemade hand pulled pork barbecues and baked sweet potato. I had put the pork tenderloin in the electric pressure cooker before we left so it was cooked and waiting for us when we got home. I also make my own homemade barbecue sauce from a Mennonite recipe I acquired a couple of years ago. Was sooooo good, but I actually think we were just starving. You've never seen three ladies hit a kitchen and get a supper together quicker anywhere. We had passed a neighbor on the way up the mountain and she had just gotten off work so I invited her to join us. She arrived just as everything was finished. We had a little picnic on the porch and enjoyed each others company.

All in all a very good day.

This last photo was taken last night on my porch.

The light on the post behind my "girls" is an oil lantern and that is the only light we had (except for the camera). Cara called "hubby" last night from the swing and had a romantic chat with him by lantern light. AAwwwwww.

I'm having a hard time finding enough time to read and comment but never fear. I'll get to all of you sooner or later. I haven't forgotten you.

More tomorrow.


Candace MacPherson said...

Glad you're enjoying Cara, et al. Take care.

MaryFran said...

My my my....it sounds like you had another GRAND day!!!!!

Doesn't food tastes SOOOO good when you work for it? I think the best meals I've ever eaten are when I've actually been active and when my body REALLY needs the nutrients!

grammy said...

Isn't it wonderful to spend time with family? My daughter was here yesterday and we worked on garage sale stuff. It was fun to just talk to her.

Pattie said...

Sounds like you're having such a great time, Deborah. I'm so glad! Enjoy your compnay - tell them hello from all of us!

Fatinah said...

yowsers! that is a full day - sure sounds like you had a good time!!