Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things that go Bump in the Day?...

OK, I can't keep a secret for long. My special company is CARA and her daughter. And for those of you that are new to my blog, Cara is my daughter that lives in Florida. You were right on, JC. I haven't seen Cara or granddaughter for a year and a half and I'm so excited. She's never been to the cabin and I am really looking forward to taking her to all the beautiful scenery around me. I sure hope she doesn't get bored with it. There's no hustle and bustle here to keep city gals excited. We will hit all the great walking places so I'm sure she will get her exercise in. I'm even taking her out for a West Virginia hot dog.

I had a strange experience last night. When I went upstairs to go to bed my entire bed was covered with hundreds of bat droppings. (They look like large mouse droppings.) I hadn't made the bed that morning which meant the droppings were all over my sheets and pillows. EEEWWWW. I hadn't planned on changing the sheets last night but definitely wasn't going to sleep where they had been. Sometime during the day there must have been a bat party up there. I never saw or heard them at all. I thought bats slept in the day time? I haven't seen any in over 2 years, just the droppings and I sometimes hear the chattering. Course I was told by the Orkin man that it is bat droppings although I thought it was chipmunks. So I wonder which one of us is right. If there are chipmunks in here I don't see them either so I have no idea which they really are.

Thanks for all the suggestions on how to overcome my out-of-controledness. I've tried to space my food allotments out and not have enough left for the evenings but then I just go over what I'd intended to eat. I've tried the 6 meals a day and the same thing happens. I do have a hobby, crocheting. I just work my little fingers all evening while watching TV but can't get my mind off food even then. Guess I'm just going to have to make it "mind control."

Last night was a little better. For supper I had a grilled chicken sandwich and a big salad. I was really full and kept telling myself I didn't need a snack. But around 5 hours after supper I couldn't' stand it and had 2 T of peanut butter on one graham cracker (then some Doritos). Maybe that's the clue. Once I start with something I just can't stop. So maybe from now on I'll just put it off until RIGHT before bed and just have one snack. Anything is worth a try.

Happy Thursday out there!


Sparky said...

Holy Hannah!!!!! That would have totally freaked me out! Very interesting adventures you have trying to keep critters out of your house! Sounds like you will be having a fun visit!!!

->cara said...

I'm so excited. I can't wait to visit my Mommy. Daughter is excited too!

I don't know about those bats, though. Do I really want to go get my blood sucked out by those vermin???!!! :)

I can't wait for the WV hot dog, either. We were talking about it last night. I'm just so psyched!

MaryFran said...

Uhhhh you were still able to sleep in that bat dropping bed??????? YIKES!

I'm so excited for you! To see your daughter and grand-daughter! How long are they staying??? And how old is your grand-daughter?

Cammy said...

Eeeeww! You didn't make your bed all day? :) :)

(just kidding, I haven't made mine in 2 years.)

I can't believe you slept in the bat unloading zone! What if they "drop" on your head? ::shudder:: You are a MUCH stronger woman than I am, but I'm pretty sure we already established that.

Good for you for experimenting with the non-snacking. I forgot to mention another trick I've used in the past (I had forgotten it myself.) I used to give myself permission to snack, but only specific snacks, like green beans or salad or sugar free jello. Now that I've figured out how to manage food better, my selection is better (almonds, yogurt, lowfat cheese, etc.), but the principles are the same as far as "approved" portion sizes.