Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is This a Better Visitor...

Oh my gosh, I got started and couldn't stop. Yesterday was a splurge day because of weigh-in in the morning. After lunch with Cammy I came home and had a snack, 1 oz. cheese and 6 triscuits, not so bad but then it went downhill from there. I didn't stop until I had fixed myself a Warm Delights and scoffed it down (and there was a lot of stuff in between the cheese and the cake). I mean I inhaled it. What in the world got into me? Where was my will power? Here I was telling you all how I was ready to get back in the swing of things and was really committed. And I went crazy!!! Ok, don't panic, Deborah. It was only one day. Only one day. Today is a new day and I've had my bean soup already and I feel full and not in the least bit having any cravings. Whew!

Another visitor came to my yard this morning. Now do you all feel better that it was this and not another bear. So many of you freaked out about a bear being in my yard but you have to understand that the bears around here are more afraid of people than people are afraid of them. The only time you have to worry about the bears in this area are when you come in between a cub and its mom. There was one bear mauling reported in this state a couple of years ago and I was told that was the only one ever reported. The man stopped the forestry service from going after the bear and killing it because he had accidentally gotten between the mom and cub. It wasn't the bear's fault. The only fear I have of them is if my dogs are outside. They hunt bear around here with hound dogs and sometimes the hound dogs aggravate the bear and they in turn attack the dogs and a lot of times kill them. I don't want my dogs killed by a bear so if I know they are moving around I keep them in the house. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go out and see how close I can get to one. I will stay in the house and just watch from the windows. But if I happen to be outside when one meanders into the yard or any where near me when I'm outside. I won't stick around to see what it will do. And I don't want to find out how fast they can run either. I was told to just back away from them and get in the house or back in my car. I have a lot of respect for a wild animal that large. The one in my yard was a yearling and probably around 80 pounds. There was probably a mom near by since yearlings don't leave mom until the second year. But I didn't see her.

Living out in the country I'd love to have a compost pile for my flowers but because of the bears on the mountain I don't do it. I don't want them thinking this is a feeding ground. Then I would be afraid of them because once they feel comfortable and expecting to be fed they can get dangerous. So rest assured I'll be careful. Course if you see in the national news that a widow lady living in the mountains of West Virginia was killed by a black bear and you don't see my blogs anymore it was me being careless. :o) Not likely though.

Trying to catch up on my laundry today and have a sink full of dishes to get done. Sure glad we've been getting some rain so I don't have to worry about my well going dry.

Have a happy out there!


Pattie said...

That deer is beautiful - but I also loved the bear! I know you’ll be safe: you're a wise woman.

Don't stress about falling off the wagon yesterday. My guess is that it had something to do with a letdown from all your company going home, and Cammy leaving, too. But it's over and today is a new day. Dust off the cake crumbs and move on!

MaryFran said...

Glad to see more wildlife in your yard! I personally was tickled to see the picture of the bear in your yard (ok, I was jealous...I want a bear in my yard! and yes, I live in the country so it COULD happen...not that i live in 'bear country' but there have been a few instances of late).

Keep your chin up. You got all that 'bad food' and 'binging' business out of your your ready to hop on this full steam ahead! You can do this!!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

You're so funny. If I stop seeing you post I'll double-check on bear maulings in West Virginia. We've seen a fair bit of deer lately. Sadly hunting season starts in a little over a month. The idiots around here hunt too close to homes, highways and train tracks. My husband has started calling the RCMP when he sees hunters in the sod fields behind our home (that a train track runs through and we live on a relatively populated highway in a frickin' village - idiots, I say).

Sparky said...

Glad to see that visitor. I idea of that other visitor in your yard is pretty terrifying. But then again I have a serious bear phobia!!!