Sunday, August 10, 2008

Disjointed Ramblings...

Second clue to special company: One has lived in West Virginia and the other has only visited a couple of times. ::Cammy, you can't tell, because I've already told you::

While washing laundry Friday I got to noticing my sizes. The jeans and shorts are getting smaller but the tops are stalled. I'm starting to look like an ice cream cone. I did drop another bra size and next time will have to get a smaller cup size too, durn. But I'm still into XL tops. Me thinks I need some core exercise in my routine. And you know me by now...that won't last. But at least I'm thinking about doing something about it, does that count? For those of you that have done this exercise thing for a long time, will the Yoga help in that department? The one thing I'm worried about is all the excess skin on my arms. I fear I'll never be able to buy M tops because of the sleeves cutting off the circulation in my arms.

I hate having to shop in a small grocery store!!! The past two weeks I've tried to get my usual, skinless/boneless chicken breasts and they weren't in the case. All they've had is the skinless/boneless strips. Now those are good too but way to expensive. But yesterday there was actually someone in the meat department back room and I boldly knocked. When I asked the butcher if he had any he said, "the ones on sale?" Heck, I don't get a flyer of their sales so I just told him that I didn't care just so they are the ones I eat. He then told me the ones on sale were sold out but did bring me two packages of the normal ones I buy. Good grief, what does it take to restock the meat case? Am I the only one in the county that buys this type of chicken? I THINK NOT!

Of all the stupid things I've ever done...I was going to the dump as I told you yesterday or the day before...I forget. I was almost to the bottom of the mountain and remembered that I had hauled all the garbage bags out of the garbage cans and left them setting right beside the porch (not in the back of the car)! Yep, I turned around and came back for them. Then on the way back up here I remembered that I wanted to strap on the HRM and see what kind of calorie burn I get when running errands, so I did that too. It took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to get everything done and I recorded the stats. Then I kept it on around the house and did my usual stuff (which consists of surfing the net a lot) for an hour and 35 minutes. Well the results were that I burned 200 more calories on the errands. Now I know.


JC said...

Hey Deborah, Your posts always make me laugh. I can just picture the realization that you forgot the trash. LOL

There is a small grocery store near me as well but mercy you got to be really hungry and rich to go there. However, I so hate going to Walmart that I will spend more going to Winn-Dixie (close to work) to avoid it.

My weight, well, it will be our secret and whoever else reads your comments, is 228. I'm 5'2" my goal is 123 (not WW's goal for me) so that is what 105 lbs to go. My siblings might have a stroke if they knew I needed to lose 165 lbs. That is a whole person!!!

I started back to Curves because I realized on my trip that I have no upper body strength and it is hot outside. I know it is hard to make yourself get out and exercise when there is no one to make you do anything. But, I have to admit I always feel better after I do something.

Grace and blessings to you.

JC said...

Oh, I forgot something. A friend of mine has started blogging. Like me she needs to lose over 100 lbs and like me she doesn't know that much about blogging. She is depressed over her upcoming birthday and her lot in life in general. If you have time, I'd really appreciate you and any other bloggers paying her a visit. She didn't want me to put a link to her on my site but I have no idea why. She should know by now that there is more than one way for me to get her info out there. Her site is (Now is Anna Belle's Time)

Cammy said...

Note to readers here: I know who's coming to visit Deborah and I can be bought. :) (J/K, Deborah, your secret is safe with me.)

I hear you on the tops. I finally bought a couple of medium t-shirts last week, but it's usually larges for me. My previous trainers both told me that the middle was the last part to drop off, and they were right. Oh well, XL is smaller than XXL, and L is smaller than XL and so on. All of it is improvement!

MaryFran said...

I think I need to come to your grocery store and set them straight! They need start stocking the healthy stuff that you want to eat!

Sparky said...

Silly grocery store. One of the stores I shop at never sells Turkey except for ground turkey. Stupid stores!

Pattie said...

I'm shaped like an ice cream cone, too. Right now, a very PLUMP ice cream cone! LOL!

But even when I was at my goal weight, I was always a size smaller on the bottom than on the top. It's just how I'm built.

Keep after your local grocery person to have those chicken breasts around. You can't be the only one in your area who wants them!