Friday, August 8, 2008

Supper and Chuckles...

I had such a yummy supper last night. I had grilled chicken, baked sweet potato (with light butter and a smidgen of Splenda sprinkled on top) and Brussels sprouts. I reminded myself of my Great Aunt Mary while I was eating it. I kept going, "MMMmmmm." She always did that when she came to Mother's house to eat. My Uncle Bub (on the other side of the family) used to have a joke about it but I can't tell it here. Anyway, it gave me a chuckle all the same.

Got no exercise in yesterday. No excuses, just didn't.

Have kept my calories at an average of ~1400 since WI and have dropped that pound that came back on.

Guess it's going to be a quiet weekend. No company coming :o(

Hope your weekend is a fantabulous one!


JC said...

Hey Mountain Woman, Your plate looks perfect. I still can't get into my blog so I don't know what that deal is but anyway I can still come visit. Hum, I have brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes and frozen rot. chicken. I might can recreate your supper tonight. YUMMMMM!!!

Have a great weekend.

MaryFran said...

If that's what's for dinner, I may come to visit you this weekend! Your meal looked delicious!

I've been shocked myself at how I 'mmmnnnn' and "ahhhhh' over healthy good for me foods. I did it over some fresh pineapple the other day. Truly a new one for a former junk food addict!

Cammy said...

You lost me with the brussel sprouts :) Looks like a healthy meal--colorful, too!

Hope you're having a great, if quiet, weekend!