Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Biscuits and Clothes...

Decided I couldn't stand it any more and made myself a batch of biscuits this morning. I had them left over after the eldest came to visit and started having one in the mornings. It stayed with me a lot longer than my regular breakfast so it's worth another try. Had one hard boiled egg with it and some light butter. Just a little over 300 calories including my coffee so I feel good about that. Will keep the left overs in a zip lock for as long as they will keep. Didn't know how much batter to use for just me and ended up with 9 biscuits. Will cut that in half next time so I won't have so many. 'Cause I'm sure they will spoil before 9 days is up, and I just hate wasting food. Especially with the economy the way it is right now. Gotta save every penny we can, you know.

Looked back at my calorie intake from this past week and it wasn't so good. Won't know until tomorrow just how bad or good it was, but mostly stayed around 1350 calories. I think I have to do better than that to show a loss on that scale demon. Boy this last 35 pounds sure is hard to get off. Yeah, yeah, I know don't put so much weight (pun intended) into the scales, just look at the way the clothes are fitting. Well, they aren't feeling any looser lately either.

Been giving some thought to making the trip, 70 miles, to the thrift store for some winter clothes. Haven't figured out yet if it will save me money with the gas prices the way they are or not. Probably be better off just going to Cato's next time I go to the dentist. Wally World had zip-point-shit the last time I was there. I really prefer shopping on line but don't know what size to order right now so will have to try them on, and I HATE trying on clothes.

Talk to ya later blog-buds.


Cammy said...

zip-point-shit? LOL I am SOOOO stealing that for my everyday life.

Biscuits freeze, don't they? You could maybe play around with a few to see? I've seen them in the grocery store freezer, all carby and tantalizing, in both un-baked and prepared form.

I wouldn't worry about the calories. I think 1350 is a good number!

MaryFran said...

Yep, Cammy beat me to the punch! I was going to come on here and see about freezing them. I know that when I make muffins I make the batch and freeze them. When hubby (or I) want one, we pull one out, put it in the microwave for a half a minute and voila, a warm muffin!

And once again, 1350 is a great number for your daily intake of calories.....you dont' want to go too low or your body will go into starvation mode!

Candace MacPherson said...

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to give a shout-out and let you know that these last 35 lbs will be SO worth it. Besides, this is a lifestyle anyway - you can't go back now:0) so you may as well keep moving forward. As for the scale slowing up...GIRL, listen to yourself! I have been and your activity level with all that company has been AMAZING! Celebrate THOSE victories and ask youself if you could have kept up at 250lbs???

JC said...

I'm with Cammy, biscuits freeze well. Maybe there will be a scale fairy instead of scale demon when you weigh in. I think the scale demon was in Alabama last night when I weighed. HA. I also love the phase zip-point-shit. Now I would say I will remember it but I probably won't. I'm really surprised there isn't a clothes closet or outlet store closer than 70 miles. Don't you drive a Hummer? What, it gets about 10 miles a gallon? At $4.00 a gallon, well, you would have to use the more expensive stuff but still, at $4 bucks it would cost you $46 round trip. Go to Cato find out your size, go home and hop on the internet. See how helpful I can be. HA!!!! I crack myself up.

grammy said...

Everyone is so funny tonight. I thought that phrase was a typing error...goes to show what I know...lol I buy lite hamburger buns and freeze one in a baggie so I can get out one at a time...hey, I even reuse the baggies...lol...freeze them girl.