Friday, September 5, 2008


Boy did I ever blow it yesterday. But I think I cured myself at the same time. Just had to buy some chips and dip when I went to the store. My excuse was that the "oldest" loves them. Was so down last night that I decided to go ahead and open the packages and have just a little. I had eaten good all day so I thought, what the heck, a little won't hurt. And a little probably wouldn't have. But I didn't have a little. I had a lot. I measured the dip and counted the chips and everything but still... I decided to get my fill. And I did. YUCK!!! By the time I'd finished what I had doled out I was sick to my stomach. And had to pop the tums in the middle of the night. (Still have some in the night stand drawer from my "fatty" days.) Why oh why do we do that to ourselves? And I know I'm not the only one 'cause y'all fess up at times too :o) It will be a long time before I want any more of that stuff. To beat it all, after adding it to my other food the calories didn't go above 1400. Just think what a wonderful food day I would have had if I hadn't grossed out. I know me, I probably would have had another kind of snack, but it would have been a healthy one at least.

Company didn't come yesterday and that's a good thing. They decided to drive to a town near the white water rafting place so they wouldn't have to get up so early here for the drive. It's about an hour and a half from here. Smart choice on their part. So they will be here this evening sometime after they are off the river.

I'm into a really good book right now. It's by James Rollins. He writes action books that delve a little into the historical, biblical stuff. They are usually set in present times but take place in biblical areas and have some biblical connotations in them. His books are a little slow for the first chapter but after that they are really hard to put down. Think I'll be reading a lot today, in between cooking, because I can hardly wait to see how the main characters are going to get out of their predicaments.

Later Y'all...


->cara said...

I know, I hate binging like that. I'm still paying for my overeating that happened last weekend (Oreos, real yummy greasy breakfast foods, pizza, etc.). I gained 5 pounds and am having the hardest time getting it off. I really didn't think I'd have such a hard time getting it off. Usually, easy-on, easy-off. I hope it doesn't effect your scale like it did mine. Didn't sound like you went over your calories for the day so hopefully you'll be okay.

MizFit said...

while I FEEL YOU and have been there with the nitetimetums you nailed it when you kinda framed it as a success.

because of this:
It will be a long time before I want any more of that stuff.

have a great weekend.
it's a new day.

Cammy said...

See, this is why people are coming to stay with you and not with me. I don't buy the trigger foods for anyone. :)

As Ms.M said, it's a new day. March on, soldier!

JC said...

Well sometimes we just have to make ourselves sick to teach us a lesson. My was birthday cake the first part of the week. I think it is good from time to time to serve as a reminder to not eat those foods all the time.

What is the name of the book. I would love a good book.

MaryFran said...

First of all, I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling down and in need of a little food indulgence in the first place! I hope things are looking better!

Secondly, you didn't blow it. This is a learning process. We are constatnly learning what causes our bodies to react to situations and feelings. And by knowing that, we can begin the process of learning how to have a healthy reaction to times like this!

Sounds good eh? I just want to know how many lessons it's going to take me to learn (I indulged last night as well!)

Sparky said...

A girl has to have chips and dip every now and then. Unless of course you never liked them in the first place. But truly, how can people totally give up junk food? I know I cannot. If you did not go above 1400 that is pretty impressive!