Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ramblings again...

More company coming. Not today I hope but maybe. Gotta check that one out. Oldest is coming tomorrow night but they are sending two guys ahead of them. I can't remember if they said that the two guys were coming Wednesday or Thursday. One of the guys I've met and the other I haven't. I just keep opening up my home to people this summer. And I only have one bedroom! Thank goodness for air mattresses. They are definitely gonna be in use tomorrow night. Think I will keep my bed this time, I usually give it up for company. But I'm sure two guys won't want to sleep together so one can have the couch and the other the twin sized air mattress. Then when oldest gets here with her fiance they can have the queen size one. I've got a plan.

Gotta go stock up on non-diet food for the hoard that's coming. I'm being selfish with this one. I don't want them eating all my skinless/boneless chicken. That's MINE!

Don't know what's gotten into my boy dog. He has gotten up in the middle of the night several times in the past two weeks and had a poopy good time on the rug in my bathroom. I sure am getting tired of getting up and having to clean that up before I have my coffee. He's only nine years old so he shouldn't be getting too old to hold it all night. I could understand it if he were a senior citizen but he's not. I know the problem the first time was the corn cobs I gave him after supper. He was looking at me with those that pretty blue eye of his (he lost the brown one in a scuffle over a bone with a big dog) and I didn't want to share anything else with him. I just don't feed them from the table. And really don't want to start that habit. Late hubby did and it took me a year to break them after he died.

Gotta get going just in case they are coming today. Got a lot to do before they get here.

Later y'all.


MaryFran said...

Have fun with your company! You HAVE been running a boarding house for people this summer. And I know...your enjoying every second of it!

As for the dog....maybe it's something in the of my cats is having a smashing good time EVERY night hacking up a hairball on my kitchen table. I'm getting REALLY sick of bleaching the table and washing tableclothes!

Cammy said...

Huh. I have one friend with a one-eyed cat and now a friend with a one-eyed dog. (Just in case it ever comes up in Cammy-trivia*g*)

Hope you enjoy all that company! You might start getting a reputation with all these men running in and out of your place. Wouldn't that be wonderful? LOL

Candace MacPherson said...

Hi Debbie - Got your comment re: freezing pasta. Love it! Just cook it for half the time, then add the sauce and freeze immediately. This alleviates it getting too mushy during the defrost process. Microwaving it for a couple of minutes finishes the process. Too easy!

Anna Belle said...

Hey, sorry I haven't visited in a while, haven't posted either. Work has been crazy and to pooped to type when I get home. Hope you have a great time with your company coming. Your one eyed doggie is precious. Hope he is well soon.