Monday, September 22, 2008

Power and Recipes...

D-a-m-n that power company. Woke up this morning to the power being off AGAIN. When I called to report it I got a recording that it was a scheduled outage to replace some equipment. I finally got a customer relations person on the phone and asked why I wasn't being notified about the "scheduled" power outages. They told me that they put it in the local newspaper this time. I then relayed the info that our local newspaper is only a once a week edition and is not home delivered. She then said that it wasn't a "scheduled" outage (yea, right), after telling me that it was put in the newspaper. I told her that they could use automated phone calls like they use when the power is restored. I requested that they use another form of communication than the newspaper and she said she would be putting a note on my account to call me to inform me or send me a post card. I even told a little fib that I had a doctors appointment this morning and couldn't take a shower before going and that I had to cancel my appointment. I bad. Now we'll see if that works.

And to beat it all I had just reset the microwave and stove time because we don't have any storms coming our way that could knock it out. Guess I'll just leave those unset and maybe the power will stay on.

Have been staying on plan and that was a really hard thing this weekend. Living alone and not working really play havoc on my self control. All I can think about all day long EVERY day is food. What will I have for breakfast? And as soon as that is completed, what will I have for lunch? And after get the picture. And since I'm at home where the refrigerator and cupboards are it makes it really hard not to think about food. Then the cravings start. All of a sudden out of the blue a food will pop into my head that I haven't had for a while and it drives me crazy. Last night it was nuts. Peanuts, almonds, cashews were all I could think of. Thank goodness I don't have any of those in the house. I know they are good for me and wouldn't hurt to have a controlled amount but I also know me and know that is one food I can not control.

I've tried my hobbies as a distraction and that doesn't help because while doing the hobbies food stays on my mind. I just can't seem to chase that demon away. Even while exercising I think of food. This must be how an alcoholic feels. But at least alcoholics can rid their surroundings of boose, I can't.

I have had a couple of people ask me for recipes lately so I am going to start another blog that is just recipes. I will put a link to it on my side bar so you can go and get them if you like. I will add WW points to each recipe and calories. These are recipes that I've been using my whole life but have made them weight friendly and they are still scrumptious. So be on the lookout, it will appear sometime today.

Have a great week blog-buds.


Donna B said...

Sorry to hear about your power issues today. We are very fortunate where we live, since all the lines are underground. Thanks for posting recipes to a new blog! I am always up to try new things, since I get bored with the same dishes over and over again.

Kate said...

I find it's a lot harder to keep my mind off food when I'm unhappy about something as well... so I try to not only keep myself busy, but do something I get some pleasure out of .

Food is one of those things... like any habit. Seeing those anti-smoking ads with ashtrays on top of coffins just used to trigger the urge to smoke. Same with food. The more you try NOT to think about it, the more you think about it.

I found that thinking about it all the time helps. I think about how many calories this or that has, whether I want to cook the stir fry or broil the chicken with brittany vegetables. When I don't think that thinking of food is off limits, I don't want to/ need to think about it as often.

It's kinda like saying "don't think of dancing elephants" Once you've heard it, you can't do anything BUT.

MaryFran said...

Wooo hoo! I love recipes! Can't wait to check them out!

Yes, I totally feel like an addict. My 'drug of choice' is not a drug or alcohol, it is food. And the sad part about it, unlike a druggie or alcoholic. I can't just remove myself from the temptation. I HAVE to confront food numerous times a day!

Cammy said...

You know what jumped into mind when I read this post? You're not going to like it. :) Is a part-time job an option? Something to keep you out of the house a little?

Alternatively, I like what Kate said about not trying to NOT think about food. That makes your recipe blog an even BETTER idea than it already was! I"m looking forward to it; that's for sure!

grammy said...

Sorry about the power!!! I went over and got the chili recipe. Will try it. I have been thinking about what it would be like to be in the house with food and not enough distractions. I would be a mess. (Yes I do think I have the same tendencies as an alcoholic.) So sometimes I make myself ration things. I write the month in perm. marker on my jar of Smuckers naturel peanut butter or I eat to much to fast. I only need one a month. I have been core for awhile now so I can allow it. I still like to do points sometimes. I am just rambling. Good luck.

JC said...

Well all I can say about the power company is negative but I'm thankful I have power. It seems like mine is out everyday. I have to reset the stove clock and I gave up on the microwave a lot. They even broke my driveway. Literally!!! Broke a big chuck of it off using my driveway to access a power pole on the golf course behind my house!!! I don't want to type anymore about that.

Now what are we going to do to get you to thinking about something other than food??? That is a hard one because I don't think about it as often as I used to I still think about it.