Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Road Block Gone...

I finally did it! I got my sketching materials out yesterday. I haven't had them out or used any of them since hubby died. He was my bestest critic and it was just something that I wasn't looking forward to doing without him to tell me what needed work or what was perfect as was. Another road block removed!

I usually sketch animals. Here's a picture of one of my cats and the sketch I did of him with my watercolor pencils. Well, anyway. Yesterday I decided to try people. I'm still working on it. I've got the person looking like himself but I haven't captured the personality yet. I think this will be a long project. Can't decide if it is the eyes or what that hasn't captured the personality. Maybe I just can't do people and should stick to animals. Oh, I also do "pen and ink" sketches and have one hanging in our local county court house. It is a sketch of the building that houses the county offices.

Enough boasting about myself. But, hey, it's my blog and I can put anything on it I want, right?

Was listening to the news in the background while I'm typing this and just heard something interesting on their doctor's segment. Having night mares? Try fresh flowers on your night stand. He said that they did a study in England with people that were having horrible night mares. He said that after the people went to sleep they'd slip in and put a bouquet of fresh aromatic flowers right beside the bed and they'd have sweet dreams. Then when they'd slip rotten eggs in there they'd have night mares. He said that the sense of smell is the only sense that continues to work while we sleep sending signals to the brain. This makes sense to me because we all have experienced memories when we smell certain things. So for those of you out there that have night mares often it might be worth a try.

Have a wonderful Sunday, what's left of it anyway.


Pattie said...

Boast away, Deborah - you have every reason to. You're drawings are wonderful! I had no idea you had such talent.

I'm so proud of you for overcoming that obstacle. It's so hard to move forward, but you're doing it - and reclaiming such a wonderful part of yourself in the process. I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Yay you!

Donna B said...

Boast Deborah!
That is a great roadblock to hurdle and I am so happy for you. Pleawse continue to share your art work whenever you want. Love it!
Keep up the good work, you should be PROUD!

MaryFran said...

Girl I'm so glad that you got out your art supplies and have taken up a hobby/craft/talent that you had put aside for a while! It is obvious that you are one talented lady!

Keep up the great work! And share your efforts with us anytime!

grammy said...

Hi, I just got caught up on what I missed. I am back from a great camping trip. Love your art work and hope you do more. We all need a creative outlet. Taking your cake in your jammies was a funny story. By the way there was no bear in our campground this time. heehee

angienicholas said...

your drawings are great. I used to draw and write poetry and haven't done either in a long time. your art is amazing and you should be proud. I could never draw people all that good either.

Cammy said...

My word, you're talented! I'd boast, too, if I could sketch like that!

Hope you're feeling better!

(Btw, hash browns here in the south are fried potates, either shredded or chopped into small pieces.)

JC said...

Wow, you are talented and crafty. I don't have nightmares or dream often but I'll have to remember about the flowers. No rotten eggs though. Have a great day.