Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday Weigh-In :-(

What's with the scales? I've only dipped into my flex points this week by 2, and I think that was on weigh-in day when I always treat myself to something little. I've stuck with my walking schedule and have been walking vigorously not just sauntering along. I haven't even logged my weight on the WW site yet because I just don't want to log a gain. Yes, I'm up a pound. (I keep reading a blog then get up and re-weigh myself, read a blog and get up and re-weigh myself...)Think I will wait until after my walk today and see if that helps, before I log.

Looking forward to the weekend. One of my girls is coming to visit. They have plans to go white water rafting on Saturday so I won't see her much but seeing her a little is better than none. I'm even going to make two of her favorites (Marzetti and Pot Roast) for dinner while she's here. And the best part is that I can eat them too! I just love having someone to cook for besides just me. When it's just me I go the quickest and easiest route.

My new breakfast regiment isn't going so good. I just can't make myself eat so soon after getting up in the mornings. Yesterday I had to gag down the food because my tummy just wasn't ready for it yet. So, I've decided to go back to the old way of doing things (since it didn't help this week anyway) and eat when I'm ready to eat and to heck with the "experts." I've lost all this weight so far doing it the old way so maybe it is working for me.

Two hours later:
I changed my mind and went ahead and logged my weight gain :-(

I did order a Heart Rate Monitor yesterday because after some research on the matter I found that I was walking too vigorously because my heart rate was way too high for my age and novisness (wonder if that is a word). Sure hope it is shipped sooner than the Zune. It still hasn't shipped and Amazon says they will ship within 5-9 days. Yea, right. It's been 13 days. Well, if you only count business days, today is the 9th. So in order to keep their promise they better ship it today.


Candace said...

1) Eat you weekly fp's. That's what they're there for.
2) Check your journal for the past couple of days. Any sodium, etc?
3) You've started walking. Possibly retaining water as muscles repair in your legs. This is usually 3 weeks or so before results show.

Donna said...

Ditto what candace said, sometimes people gain weight when they start working out, but it falls right back off. I still am not 100% convinced, but I know that not eating those flex points can actually keep you from losing weight... or so says the "experts"...

I want a pedometer, a fancy one that connects to my computer and logs my steps electronically or something. Unfortunately, we've spent too much money on gadgets recently, so it will have to wait. Have fun with your monitor, whenever Amazon decides to let it arrive! Sheesh!

Fatinah said...

Candace is bang on - all I would add is:

think about eating half of your activity points. My WW leader always tells us to expect a gain if we up our activity because our calories go way down because of the burn and our body goes into retention mode.

Keep up the good work!!

Sparky said...

Yay for getting a HRM. Interesting point about the activity points. I might just have to start counting my points. Winging it is not working for me.

Cammy said...

Ptoo-ey! I spit on your scale!

(Sorry, want me to clean that off?*G*)

I don't care what the stoopid scale says, you are doing fantastic things for yourself!
You are DEBORAH: THE MOUNTAIN WALKER, and no scale will rule you!

Hope you get the HRM and the zune soon! Really soon.