Sunday, May 11, 2008

Feeling Better

Saturday was a better day. I got my walk in and really enjoyed it even though I had to wear a coat because it was COLD. I get kinda tickled because half way through the walk I think to myself that I really don't want to do this and it is soooooo boring just going around and around my driveway but then I remember why I'm doing it and how much better I feel when it is completed. Then the rest of the time seems to fly by. Got an email notification that my HRM and MP3 player have been shipped. Yea, I will have them sometime next week. Will make walking a little more bearable and healthier. I realized that I was doing the walking all wrong at first because I was really doing it fast and my heart was beating way too fast (like at the cardio level). Then after a day of reading about the optimum fat burning rate I've slowed it down but can't really tell what the rate is unless I stop to count the beats. Now with the HRM I won't have to stop.

Well, I'm not going to eat the steak after all, Cammy (but I did get taken out to breakfast this morning). Daughter and company came back from rafting starving and I fixed them the steaks in the freezer. Will have to save that treat for another time. I had a great day staying on my eating plan. I went over a little but got to use some activity points and I think that is way cool. And I feel much better today too.

My daughter kept telling me over and over again how much weight I'd lost since seeing her last and that was the first of April. I had to admit to her that I had only lost 2 pounds since then and she said it must be the exercise I'm getting because I look a lot smaller. That was a real self-esteem boost. And I think she may be right because these jeans are getting a little baggy in the butt. Oh, no, I'll have to go to Wally World and get a smaller size. What perils we face when losing weight. When I bought the ones I'm wearing now they were the second ones I bought. I've already sent those first ones to the fat clothes pile in my garage. So I think when I get new ones I'll do the same thing and then I'll have something else to look forward to. When I went thrift shop shopping with my friend in the fall I found the cutest, homemade, pair of bibs that I knew I wouldn't be able to wear until I was at goal but I'm so anxious to wear them. Don't have any idea what size they are since they're homemade but I hope I will be able to wear them sometime.

My company left this morning to head back home and that's a bummer. So it's just like any other Sunday at this house. I miss my Mom and wish she were still alive so I could call her or go visit her and take her somewhere special, so those of you out their that still have your Mommy, enjoy her immensely and tell her how special she is.

Have a great day!


Fatinah said...

how nice to have that kind of positive feed back of all your hard work. You're right - the exercise is likely changing the composition of your body. Muscle takes up way less room pesky old fat!

Can't wait to hear how the MP3 player & HRM make a dif to your walks - hopefully you will come to love them...dare I say it....CRAVE them!! ;-)

Cammy said...

"Well, I'm not going to eat the steak after all, Cammy (but I did get taken out to breakfast this morning)."

Well, okay, but I'll have to give you demerits. :) Just kidding, of course. You should do what you feel you need to do to get yourself back on track!

Congratulations on the compliments on your appearance from your daughter! You must've been thrilled!It's nice when *anyone* notices the difference, but when it's from someone who sees and loves the inner you more than the outer, it's all the more precious to hear.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy (well, I guess it's too late for that) delivery on the hrm and the mp3 player!

Sparky said...

It is great that you are doing your excercise. Is there a possibility of driving somewhere different once in a while and doing a walk there to keep things more interesting? I know a lot of machines (and theories) tell people that to burn fat you keep your HR lower but also consider that when you work your hard harder you are making it more fit. Of course there is definately a line that you can cross that is too hard. You don't want to be working yourself at 90% you whole workout. If I tried to keep my heart rate in the fat burning zone I would not be making the progress that I am. Just my unsolicted 2 cents :) It will be great when you get your MP3 and HRM!