Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heart Rate?...Calorie Burn?...

Yesterday was uneventful in my life.

Got my walk in and did it very vigorously.

Stayed under points by .5 (and even ate the pumpkin custard that didn't get baked the night the power went off, I baked it yesterday morning).

Wait, those to are an event!!

Didn't get the laundry done (or even started) like planned but what the heck, I'm the only one here needing clean clothes and I can always find something to tied me over until I get motivated.

I never even changed out of my "jammies" yesterday. Living alone and secluded I just felt like being comfortable all day and even did my walk in them :o).

I kept checking my heart rate (with my hand at the carotid) during my walk and got to wondering what heart rate is good for burning calories so guess I'll go searching this afternoon and find out. I know for sure that this "old" heart hasn't had a workout like the one I'm giving it with my power walks in a long time and I know that it's good for it. My doctor will be really happy when I go in for my annual next month. And I haven't needed to see him since I lost 50 pounds either. Wonder what he'll say? It better be a compliment or I'll scream. I say that because I've seen several people lately that I haven't seen since I started this weight loss and they didn't even notice, and I didn't tell them.

Sorry so short and unrambly.


Cammy said...

I suppose I could ride my bike in my pajamas, but something tells me it wouldn't work in my subdivision. LOL (I did see a man go into McD's for breakfast in his jammies and bathrobe. *G*)

Good for you for getting that walk in!

Donna said...

Man, I would be in sooo much trouble if I showed up to work in my jammies! Though I've been tempted a few times.

Good job working out, it's tempting to have a lazy day and skip on the workout, but I'm proud of you for sticking to it.

And what the heck is wrong with people not noticing you? I bet they did, but some people have a really hard time bringing up the subject of weight loss. Weight is a touchy subject, afterall. I bet your doctor will be very happy for you!

Cammy said...

Oooh! I'm glad Donna commented on the people not noticing, or rather not saying anything. I meant to say the same thing she did, only I'm pretty sure she said it better.

So ditto Donna. :)

Fatinah said...

sometimes people don't say "oh, you've lost weight" because they feel like that is telling you that you used to be fat??? You'd pretty much have to have your head up your ass to not notice 50 lbs gone!!

Good work on your walk - jammie walking sounds comfy! Record yourself and market it on E-bay - you'll be a millionaire in no time!

Anonymous said...

Wonder way to walk! Hurray for you! Your doctor will rave about your weight loss! Those who haven't noticed HAVE! Their just too jealous! Keep losing and keep them Green with envy!