Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend with family...

Got most things done yesterday. Whew!! Friend called to tell me he and his wife won't be coming and that was a relief. That means I get to sleep in my own bed this weekend and don't have to cook so much. Yay!!!

Daughter arrived late last night with boyfriend in tow. They are off this morning to town and taking my garbage in for me. Another yay! They talked briefly last night about going to SnowShoe for some happenings up there. I think there will be bands and a movie under the stars. Sure hope we get the walk in though. I was thinking that if they don't want to do that then I just may do it by myself when they leave. I've got itchy feet to walk up there. And already have my camera in my purse so I won't forget it this time.

Got up this morning and washed the dishes from last nights supper. Just couldn't make myself do it while daughter was setting here. When they went down to his mother's camp to sleep I was just too tired. So in between the dishes I baked some bran muffins for breakfast. I made a double recipe this time so I will have some to freeze for myself later in the week. Even though you can keep the batter in the fridge for up to 6 weeks, I prefer baking them all at once and freezing them. It's a lot easier to just pop one in the microwave (since one is all I eat a day anyway) than heating the oven up for just one.

I didn't count points yesterday and may not for the remainder of the weekend because I just don't want to. I'm still keeping it in my head what I have eaten and what I can eat to come out pretty much on target so we shall see how that goes at weigh-in next week. Then again I may break down and enter my foods later today or right after typing this now that I'm feeling so guilty about not doing it. The conscience is a strange thing. It always kicks in when I don't want it to. Can't keep it buried at all. Durn!!

Now I have to get off my duff and wash the dishes that I dirtied making the muffins. Woe is me.

Have a great holiday weekend.


Cammy said...

How much do I love that you're feet are just itchin' to walk? :)

I understand about recording the food. It took me awhile to convert back to NOT logging it, and I still keep a running total throughout the day. I probably always will.

Hope you get that walk in!

MaryFran said...

Even when I mess up with my eating, I find that I go back and write it into my food into my food journal. Sometimes I'm totally sickened at the points that I ate. BUT, sometimes I'm pleasantly shocked at how well I actually did.

Enjoy the time with your daughter!