Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thought for the Day

Thanks sooooo much for the advice yesterday. I think Candace and Fatinah may have hit my nail on the head or rather hit me on the head where I needed it. I had definitely been in the wrong mind set on walking (which is exercise for me) and eating. I was thinking that getting the exercise in and eating less would produce better results. I was so wrong (as the scales indicated). So I took the advice and added to my daily intake. Did some munching last night on good things and haven't recorded them yet so don't really know how many of my flex points or activity points I used but I do know that I dipped into them.

A few months ago when I lost another daily point I was toying with the idea of just mentally dividing my flex points up, adding them to my daily points and making that my new daily point target. I didn't do it but maybe I should. Think I may try that for the next few weeks and see if it makes a difference. The idea is scary though.

Ok, I decided to put on a pedometer yesterday to check how far I walk in a day. I kept hearing the thing go click, click, click...all over the house. Cool, I thought, at least I'm getting off my rump. Then while setting in the "throne room" I got to thinking. The thing clicked when I dropped my drawers and will surely click when I pull them up! Now this wouldn't be a problem for men but us gals gotta drop the drawers frequently through-out the day and I surely don't want to call that a step or is it? Wonder how much effort it takes to lower yourself and then raise yourself from the porcelain? :o) Just a thought for the day.

Hey, there goes a ground hog across my driveway! It's the first one I've seen around my cabin! One nice thing about living so high is that I don't see any poisonous snakes. Everyone around here tells me that they don't live this high, so lets just hope they're right. Actually I haven't seen any snakes on my property except the one the gravel truck brought it with it when I had my driveway re-graveled and it was a little fella.

I was reading Andrew's blog yesterday when he was talking about Jacob's Ladder. There's a place near me that has three water falls and I've never been to the one at the bottom because there are a WHOLE BUNCH of steps to climb to get back up. Now that I'm getting in shape a little I wonder how long it will be before I'll be able to go down and see the beauty for myself? Not going to push it right away but I may try to go down to the second falls sometime this summer and see how hard it is to get back up.


Fatinah said...

if you're worried about that extra step count when you use the loo, once your pants are down (and so is the counter), do a squat over the toilet and then do your business.

Candace said...

I think when eating my FPs didn't work for me it was likely because of all of the BLTs I was eating instead. That's the only other part of the picture I would caution against. It's amazing what licking the pb from your fingers, a little extra rice, splashing the oil vs. measuring will do. It's worse with little ones - I don't imagine you're tempted to sneak the dog food, lol.

Donna said...

I have heard that spreading your flex points evenly across the week doesn't actually help. It's probably better to spread them out over 1-3 days, just to give your metabolism a boost. But I'm not expert, so don't take my word for it. ;)

Andrew is getting fit said...

Those waterfalls sound lovely. I'm sure you'll be seeing them yourself sooner rather than later.

Sparky said...

I can't help but like little rodents. They are very frowned upon where I live but I think they are cute anyways. I counted my points today. Imagine that!