Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Tiny Step Closer

One more pound down!! Really didn't expect to lose a pound this week. Sure it was the workout my body got on Sunday. Yay!! Gotta remember to keep active. (But I'd really rather lay around reading a good book.)

Was laying in bed last night and heard a weird sound coming from my living room wall. Got up and grabbed a flashlight and searched for the sound. I have a huge wreath hanging on my wall and the sound was coming from there. It was a chirping sound but not the kind birds make, the kind squirrels and chipmunk's make. Yep, I think I have a chipmunk nesting in my wreath. I can't reach the wreath at all to take it down and wouldn't if I could because I don't want to encounter a critter up close. ::shiver:: A neighbor friend put it up for me and I am going to call him today and ask if he'll come and take it down for me.

Took my doggies to the groomer yesterday and when I went to pick them up Mikey had been throwing up and had diarrhea all the time he was there. They even had to give him 2 baths. This really concerned me because he hurt his leg last week and has been limping but it was getting better. I kept an eye on him all evening and he didn't get sick once. He even ate dinner when he got home and he usually won't do that when his tummy is upset. Then I got to thinking. When I take them to the groomers they don't put them in a cage but let them both have the run of the place and they also had a couple of chihuahuas running around as well, yapping. Bet he just had a nervous stomach.

Have a great "Hump Day!"


Cammy said...

Woo-hoo! Another pound gone! (I'm counting the jumping up and down I'm doing as part of my daily exercise.*G*)

Keep up the great work, Deborah! You're rocking and rolling now, and I don't think there's anything that will stop you!

Hope poor Mikey is feeling better!

Donna said...

Horray! Way to keep being active and losing weight. I've been feeling so tired lately that I'd much rather be reading a book than exercising...but I gotta stay active! Thanks for the reminder!


I've missed you!

Fatinah said...

good ridance to that pound!! way to go!!