Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Blues

I'm in a funk. Don't know why.

Got up this morning and went to get dressed and oh my goodness, I didn't have anything clean to wear. I don't have all that much anyway and for some reason I let the laundry get away from me. So, still in my jammies, and freezing because it got cold last night and I had the heat pump turned way down and the windows opened, I covered up in an afghan. I started throwing clothes in the washer and transferring them to the dryer. Boy did it ever feel good when I finally got a warm pair of pants out of the dryer and put them on. And warm socks too. At least my loads are smaller and I can use less water since I don't have that much that fits. I am going to have a real blast when I finally get to goal and can go shopping and know that I'll be wearing them for a while not just in the interim 'til I'm down another size.

I did the vegetarian thing today for no good reason other than I just didn't feel like cooking and I had lots of veggies left over from the weekend. It wasn't so bad but I ate more than usual, just lots of veggies. I stayed within my points and calorie count but I think I missed the meat though.

The neighbor came up and removed the wreath for me and luckily there weren't any critters in it. It's on the porch right now and I think I'll find a place outside to hang it. It won't be coming back inside at all.

Have a great day!!


MaryFran said...

Ohhh the thought of nice warm clothes fresh from the dryer on a cold morning! AHHHHH!

I've already warned my husband, when I get to goal; I'll be a shopping demon! I dont' mind going with cheaper and less while I'm 'shrinking' but watch out when I'm not!!!!

Sparky said...

It sure is tough when you are losing weight and don't want to get clothes that will hopefully only be temporary.

In answer to your question on my blog: (BSG = Battle Star Gallactica - not the original, the new one. Set in space. 50,000 humans survive an attack on the 12 colonies somewhere in the universe and the other billions are wiped out. They go off in search of the long lost 13th colony, Earth. Along the way they are chased by their attackers, the Cylons some of whom look exactly like humans and you have to figure out if one of the good guys might actually be a cylon in disguise.)

Sparky said...

I tagged you in this meme