Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Off the Bubkiss..

I've been visiting my regular blogs and reading, reading, reading. Just trying, in between each one, to come up with what to write about today. I have this mind set that "I must post every day." I think because it keeps me on track, being accountable for my healthy actions and sometime not so healthy actions.

Yesterday was a back sliding day. I didn't exercise. I ate too much. I rested too much. I didn't clean house like I'd planned. I was just down right lazy about everything I knew I should do. Now I'm facing today with "too much on my plate." I gotta get the house cleaned before company arrives, gotta get food ready because won't have time while company is here, gotta get some exercise in or I'll quit all together, gotta...gotta...gotta...

That's what I get for taking a one day vacation from life. Yeah, yeah, I know we all need it at times but I don't think I really needed it. It just happened.

Now back to my original paragraph. I wasn't going to post at all today until I read Sally's post. It is a must read. Seriously folks. It really opened my eyes!! Go check it out!!!

Have a wonderful long weekend for you US folks, and a wonderful regular weekend for you non US folks.


Sparky said...

Walk first, clean later. Thats my motto :) Have a great weekend.

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Deborah.

We definitely do need times when we can restfully/joyfully take a break from life and from some of our responsibilities. There are also days when it's easier to sit even though you know you'll feel better if you're moving. On those days, I try to ask myself, "What if I just do it?" And I get up and get moving right away, without giving myself time to come up with excuses.

But it's a balancing act, definitely.

MaryFran said...

Do one thing at a time...not worrying about the rest and it will all get done eventually.

I'm so like you! I feel that writing everyday keeps me on track.....but some days I feel as if I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Have a good weekend!

Cammy said...

You know that normally I would lecture you *G*, but considering the weekend you have coming up, I think you did exactly what you needed to do!

Enjoy your family weekend! Happy Memorial Day!