Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hoppin' and a Boppin' and a Singin'...

Yea, I got my walk in yesterday and increased it by 10 minutes. Gonna try to increase it every 2 weeks for a while until I get it up to an hour and then see what happens. Don't know if I'll ever get to the running stage. I'm just too old for shin splints and sore ankles and sore feet. And I might break a bone and it would take a long time to heal. Do those sound like good excuses to you? They do to me!!

I created a 30 minute play list with some oldies and really enjoyed it. I didn't even keep looking at the watch to see how long I'd been going like I usually did every 2 minutes wondering if the 20 minutes was up yet. When I was on the cruise there was an a cappella quartet that sang some of the oldies like, Rockin' Robin, Under the Boardwalk, Chain Gang, to name a few and I bought one of their CD's. I just "bopped" across the driveway singin' along. That is the neatest gadget. I also used the HRM for the first time and kept my heart rate between 133 and 147 most of the time. Was so anxious to see how many calories I'd burned and dumb me somehow reset the thing before I retrieved the info. Oh, well, will have to try again tomorrow. And I think I'll review the instructions to make sure I don't do that again.

I had a request to show where I walk so this is it.

All the way down one way (see kitty cat laying in the driveway?)

and back the other.

And all of this is in front of my cabin.

Course they probably meant the pretty place I walked last week but forgot to take my camera with me then but will definitely do it the next time I go. Do want to share that beautiful place with you.


Sparky said...

Cool. I was talking about your driveway. It looks very pretty! :) Glad you enjoyed your music :)

Cammy said...

Oh, I love your cabin! It must be wonderful to have such a peaceful setting to walk in. ::fights jealousy::

Your plan to increase a little every couple of weeks looks GREAT!

Hope you enjoy today every bit as much as yesterday!

Fatinah said...

nice pic's!!!!

I'm so glad that the music made the walk so pleasant. How lovely that you didn't have to watch your watch. Then you can really just enjoy your surroundings.

I wouldn't worry if your injuries hinder you from running. If you work your way up to walking at a good clip - you're going to see the same awesome healthy results. It just means it takes you longer to go a mile. Keep up the good work!!

MaryFran said...

Good music and a gorgous setting to walk in! That is a perfect combination. Keep up the good work!