Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beautiful Walk

What a wonderful day yesterday!!

My friend called me when he got near and I met him at a mutual friends cabin rental place. We walked all around his place and took off down a gravel road toward the river. There's a beautiful creek that runs through the property and to the river so we enjoyed the sound of the mountain stream along the way. We walked for 55 minutes which is quite a bit farther than I was used to but I just didn't want to stop and turn around as soon as I should have. Sure was fun walking and talking with someone instead of doing it alone. We didn't make it to the river because it is 3 miles one way and I just wasn't up to that far yet. I will be though before too long. My legs were yelling at me last night to prove to me that I did more walking than they wanted me to do, but I just told them to shut up because I had fun.

My energy was depleted when we got home so I fixed us a chicken breast on the grill and I had a whole baked potato instead of a half like I usually do. I was starving!!!

We watched a movie after supper and I kept yawning. What's with that I'm a night owl!?! My friend goes to bed with the chickens and I usually stay up being quiet while he retires. But last night I was ready when he was. I always let him (and his wife when she can come with him) have my bed and I take the couch. When he went up to the loft to sleep I crashed on the couch and read for a little while, but not long last night. Couldn't keep my eyes focused.

Lost a pound and a half last week according to my weigh-in this morning. WooHoo! But I think after reading Janette's book, Half-Assed, I'd like to quit obsessing on the numbers on the scale and start judging how I feel and the sizes of my clothes getting smaller. I don't think I'll be able to do that very well because I love seeing those numbers go down. I ate all but 11 of my flex points last week and logged in 16 activity points. I know you all do a lot more exercise and walking than I do and your activity points (if you count them) are way higher than that, but that was a real accomplishment for me and I'm really tickled about it.

According to the tracking on the MP3 player it was on the truck yesterday and supposed to be delivered then but I never saw nor heard from them. They probably have no idea how to find me so I'm hoping I'll get a call today and meet them somewhere to pick it up. The HRM is supposed to be at my post office tomorrow. Then I'll be set (until I can think of another gadget I can use).


Donna said...

" but I just told them to shut up because I had fun" hahaha, You crack me up!!!

Hey, I'm reading Half Assed, too! But it will probably take me a lot longer to read it. I'm a really slow reader. Give me a blog, I'll read it in minutes. Give me a book, I'll read it in a year. Kinda sad, but at least I try, right?

My goodness, it's taking forever to get your mp3 player!! Hope it arrives soon! You can call the shipping company and see if you can just pick it up. Depends on if it's in the truck r

Donna said...

oops, I hit publish too soon!! You can call their customer service, all you need is a tracking number. ;)

Sparky said...

That sounds like such a wonderful walk. Good for you! Don't you worry about how many activity points other people are doing. Everyone is at a different stage in their health and fitness journey! Most of the reason I do so much excercise is because I eat so much! I would probably be better off eating a lot less and excercising less :) Hope your gadgets show up soon! :)

Cammy said...

Hey, the fact that you're earning APs at all is wonderful! You are rockin' and rollin'!

I'm so glad you had such a great walk!