Monday, May 5, 2008

Breakfast Hater...

I know, I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I still hate it. Well, I hate eating when I first get up. Tried to research breakfast and find out the perfect time to eat breakfast and the perfect what to eat for breakfast and got no where fast. Then, when searching for ways to break the plateau I found out about breakfast. Strange, huh?

I now know that I should eat no more than an hour after I get up and that, I think, is doable. I also found out that I should eat grains and I hate cereal or anything else sweet in the mornings, so after considerable thinking decided that I'd go the bagel route. Now I know we are supposed to vary our meals and not have the same thing day after day, but until I can come up with another substitute for cereal (hot or cold), I'll stick with the bagel and cream cheese to get the dairy in too.

One of the suggestions, to break the plateau, said to vary the calorie count daily. It said to stick with the weekly calorie alotment but to go below or above on some days to fool the body. That, I'm a little skeptical about. Or rather afraid of. Then again maybe that is what I am doing when I don't eat all my points in a days time and go over another day? Hmmmm, food for thought.

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Only went over daily points by 1.

Last evening I whipped up some pumpkin custard and put it in the oven and sat down with my crocheting to watch a move while the custard baked and everything went black. The best laid plans of mice and men... The power was off!!! ARGH!!! Called the power company to report it and they already knew about it. Said it wouldn't be fixed until 6 something this morning. So I lit some candles and a hurricane lamp and pulled the custard out of the oven (which had only been in there for less than 5 minutes) to let it cool so I could put it in my "not working" fridge for the night. Didn't want it to spoil since it was my last can of pumpkin. I got out the trusty flashlight and grabbed my book and headed for the bed (after blowing out the candles and lamp) where I read for about an hour before deciding to go on to sleep. At around 3:15 this morning the light beside my bed came on and woke me up. Good, I thought, the power's back on so I turned off the light and dozed off into la-la land again. Just about the time I had fallen back to sleep the phone rings. I panicked, jumped up and answered it. I mean, who calls at 3 something in the morning if it isn't an emergency? The power company, that's who. Yep, they called to ask if my power was back on. Now it was only one of those automated cally thingies but shouldn't someone reprogram it to not call in the middle of the night? Ah, the wonders of living in the country.


Cammy said...

Sometimes I eat a sandwich for breakfast. I'm not a cereal kind of girl, either.

I read that about mixing up the calorie counts, too. It seems to work pretty well, but you do have to keep up with what's a "plus" day and what's a "minus" day. :)

Hope you have a "power"-ful day! LOL

Donna said...

Thank you for missing me, my husband thinks it's strange that I have all these internet friends that I talk about in my daily conversations. I'm always like "Deborah does this" or "Cara said that." And I think about you guys all the time. It's such a blessing to have an online support group. I don't feel so alone in this!

Mmm, I love to have yogurt with some granola in it for breakfast. I recommend Nature's Path Organic Flax Pumpkin Granola, it has 18g of Whole Grains per half cup and is delish. I don't even like pumpkin that much!

I've heard about the varying calories program too, that it's a good way to break through plateaus. I think WW people call it the Wendie plan. You should google it. I hear lots of good and bad things about it, but whatever works for you, right? :)

Glad to hear you have your power back!

Sparky said...

I say if you want to eat the same thing for breakfast every day then go for it! Better that than not eating breakfast right?