Friday, May 9, 2008

Half the Mountain Gone

Well, I've noticed lately that some of you have been posting before and after (and in some cases during) pictures of yourselves and I have no one to take a picture of me now and started feeling disappointed. I don't have a time delay on my camera so can't do it that way. I just improvised and stood in front of the bathroom mirror with the camera at arms length (looking in the mirror to make sure I was centered) and got some head shots. So here is me before in 2006 at 249 lbs. and one taken yesterday at 195 lbs. Until I put them side by side I hadn't really noticed the difference. Got 55 lbs. to go so I'm almost half way there.

It poured buckets here last night. And thundered and lightening-ed. I just kept praying, "Please don't let the power go off...Please don't let the power go off." It worked! We're supposed to get rain and thunderstorms off and on for the next several days and I haven't had to walk in the rain yet. Maybe if I time it right I can avoid it until another day. So far the skies are clear but that can always change in a heart beat.

I took some more of your advice and went over my daily allotment of points and dipped into my flex points some yesterday. I'm still afraid to go over by much. And I bought a nice steak for grilling on Sunday. I had forgotten that that usually kick-starts me into losing. Steak is one of the things I really miss on this diet (and fried chicken). And I like the fatty ones like rib eyes. Oh, I am so looking forward to Sunday. But in the mean time, I will be a good girl. (and after too)

Cutting this a bit short this morning, 'cause I gotta clean house. Got company coming and I'm one of those that puts it off until someone besides myself will see it. I don't really have much of a mess, just need to vacuum and dust and do the dishes.


Candace said...

I sure hope you notice the difference now. You look amazing - so much healthier.

Cammy said...

You are gorgeous! And you look 10 or more years younger as the new you! I love the new hair color.

Wow. Your hard work certainly shows! I'm proud for you!

Fatinah said...

holy noodle batman - what a dif!! Keep up the good work - you're looking AWESOME!!!

Donna said...

Holy cow! You look so different, I can't believe those jerks didn't notice how much hotter you are! :) I agree with Cammy, you totally look 10 years younger. Can wait to see more pics in the next few months!

Sparky said...

You look like a whole different person. Amazing!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Wow. I wouldn't have picked that those photos were of the same person. Way to go!