Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh, my goodness. What a bad girl I was yesterday. I had left overs from the cookout and had planned that for the evening meal. Waste not, want not, right? I should have just chucked them. Well, maybe it wasn't the left overs, as I think on it. I was busy talking to my daughter before they left yesterday and helping her remember the things she needed to take with her that she'd left here, that I didn't eat breakfast until after they left at around noon. By then I was STARVING!!! Instead of my usual half can of soup I ate a WHOLE can. It sure felt good and I was just too hungry for the half can anyway. To my surprise I didn't get hungry again in 2-3 hours like I usually do and I was thinking that maybe the whole can was the way to go. NOT! I went over my points yesterday by about 5 and over calories by about 400. Not good! Course maybe it was the 2 "100 cal. snacks" I had that I usually don't. I don't know what it was because I did journal my food and I can't figure out what I did wrong. I didn't feel like I was eating too much but I definitely did. Oh, well, today's another day.

Have to take the dogs to the groomers today and it's going to rain. I so enjoyed the few days of sunshine we had. When I was a little girl I used to pray to God before I went to bed, to only let it rain at night so I could play outside every day. I used to get so mad because He didn't listen to me and now I know He listens, He just has other plans. The rain has made everything so beautiful and green, and I'm rejoicing in that right now.

My legs aren't as rubbery today so I will have to get my walk in. No excuses today for me.

I know there was more in my tiny mind that I wanted to write about but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Must be "oldtimers" setting in.

Have a great day!!


Cammy said...

Honestly, Deborah? I think some days our bodies just need more calories. I have no scientific proof for the theory, mind you. :)

Not a bad overage, all things considered. If you get a good walk in today, that should balance it out. Have a great day!

Sparky said...

Hey, you are journalling. Good for you! Enjoy that walk!

MaryFran said...

Don't sweat ONE bad day. Just make sure that it doesn't become a habit. YOu had a busy active week, your body probably just needed that extra food!