Sunday, May 18, 2008

Down Time

Well, what can I say? I didn't get my walk in yesterday. I felt horrible all day. Was cold all day and the temp here wasn't any cooler than it has been this past week. I just couldn't get warm. Kept cranking the thermostat up and using an afghan. So I just laid around most of the day. This was probably due to all the activity I did while my friend was here and since my body isn't used to that much all at once it needed a day off. It had gotten 4 straight days of activity so maybe it was telling me something.

Was looking forward to grilling a pork chop last night and half way through I ran out of propane on the grill. ARGH!! Sure wish those things had a gauge on them to alert you when it is getting low.

I know this will probably bore you but I just have to tell someone about a new accomplishment with one of my dogs. My male dog lost an eye in a scuffle with a lab about 3 years ago and the eye that he has is very poor. He has little sight in it at all. My bed is so high that I can not just set on the edge to get in bed but have to get in by putting my knee on the edge and boost myself up. So neither of the dogs can jump into bed with me and I had been lifting them in and out. I was going to buy some of those doggy stairs but can't find ones that are high enough for them so I improvised some. I had a trunk that is about half as tall as my bed and I draped a blanket over it and shoved it on the other side of the bed. My little girl dog learned right away how to use it and I've been working with the male for about a month. He is very scared of heights and would panic every time I would lift him into bed and he would lay in the floor beside the bed and cry if I didn't. Last night he was a little slow in coming up stairs to bed and I was already laying down reading when I heard his little paws come up. I was just getting ready to get out and lift him in when he jumped on the bed from the trunk. I was so proud of him and gave him lots of extra love for learning that.

Looks like my Sunday is going to be a rainy one. Haven't gotten to walk in the rain yet and if I feel like it today I will have a new experience. Hope your Sunday's great!!


Cammy said...

Oh yes, four days in a row would certainly indicate a rest day was in order! Good for you for recognizing it!

Good for puppy, too, for his very own non-scale victory. :)

Have a lovely Sunday, Deborah!

MaryFran said...

I'm so excited for the pup's accomplishment. I'm an animal lover so I'm just plain tickled!

ANd to give credit where credit is due...congrats on your stretch of 'active days'!!!!

Fatinah said...

sometimes your body just needs a break!

How smart your little dog is!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

What a loving story about you and your dog. :)