Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad Hair

One thing I am really disappointed about with this weight loss is my hair. I used to have shiny hair, full of body and a little natural curl, but no more!! Now it's dull and lifeless!! I'd have to wash it every day or you could fry an egg on it and now I could go a couple of days without washing it but I don't . I don't because it is so ugly. It won't do the things it used to do. I can't just wash it and run my fingers through it to let it dry and have it look good. Now I have to use moose and the old curling iron to get it to look decent (not good). I don't think it will ever look good again. And what's with the thinness? I know that is just age and not weight loss but I still hate that part too. My hair is very soft and fine and I can never get any beautician to understand that it curls easy and they always use rollers to small and/or leave the solution on too long. I usually come out of there with a head of kinkiness. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions on a good product to use that will help my woes?

I discovered a new way of folding laundry!! Well, actually I read it somewhere many many moons ago but was always too lazy to do it. When I take the laundry out of the dryer, instead of folding it and laying it on top of the dryer or taking it to the couch to set and fold it, I fold one piece at a time as I walk to the kitchen and lay each piece on the table. That way I can sort it as I go and I'm getting in a little more walking and staying off my duff. And if it's on the table I tend to put it away where it belongs instead of letting it pile up on top of the dryer.

My friend called me yesterday on his way home and gave me two choices. I could either meet him and go walking then or meet him at a local restaurant at around 5. I didn't have to think about this long, because if I was going to eat out I definitely had to do some walking before hand. None of the restaurants in our area offer anything for the diet conscious. Everything is fried. The salads or salad bars don't even have any low fat dressing on them. And I wasn't about to turn down eating out even if the food isn't so good. We went to the same area as we walked before but drove farther out before parking the car and it was the most beautiful walk I've done in a long time. WOW!! It was on a seldom used gravel road that still had the beautiful creek beside it and we walked all the way to the Greenbrier River. Luckily I kept my eyes on the road a lot of the time because there were hundreds of little orange salamanders crossing the road. I definitely didn't want to be a killer so I kept pointing them out to friend so he wouldn't step on them too. The walk even included a hill and I was skeptical at first but I did fine without huffing a puffing at the top. YEA!!

My friend is such a hoot. When the waitress came to wait on us she asked us how we were doing and friend said, "Fine, we are traveling around to the different restaurants in the area writing a guide book to good eating." I had the hardest time keeping a straight face. We could hear her bustling around in the kitchen (it's a small place and just opened in March) alerting the cooking staff. We have fun with the people that don't know us well because he always tells them that he comes to the mountains to sleep with "the widow woman" with his wife's blessings. Since I usually give him my bed (and I take the couch), he tells them that he sleeps on the left and me on the right. He just doesn't tell them that we aren't in it at the same time. People usually just stand there and stare with their mouths open. My friend and his wife are such good people and I am looking forward to another visit in late June when the wife will get to come too. He's bringing some old school chums of his and they are renting a cabin a few miles away and the wife will get to stay with me, away from the guy stuff. She's never come by herself before so this will be a real treat for me. She is the type of person they call "the salt of the earth." This friend went all through school with my late husband and after he died the friend didn't dessert me and I am thankful to him and his wife. I really love them and was worried at first that they wouldn't come around anymore but I found out that I had become their friend too and their visits weren't just to see my husband.


Fatinah said...

good thinking to get the walk in before dinner!

Cammy said...

According to my stylist, who as far as I know did NOT attend medical school, hair thinning is a function of losing a significant amount of weight. She says mine had gotten thinner, but that it's coming back now. She recommended pre-natal vitamins, which I didn't try, but you might want to.

I'm so glad you had another good visit with your friend! And the next visit sounds even better!

Oh, and one last thing, re: salad dressing! I eat regular old salad dressing, but I get them to serve it on the side. Then I dip just the tips of my fork tines into the dressing and then spear my lettuce or tomato or whatever. I eat less than a teaspoon of dressing that way! Also, I've been known to carry my own dressing to restaurants! :)

Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

I have very curly hair, and I hate using mousse. I use a conditioning creme designed for curly hair. Sometimes I use SunSilk, comes in a small green bottle with a pop-top, it's pretty cheap. I like it because if you use a really light amount, it doesn't leave your hair sticky like mousse. And if you put a little too much in, you can run your hands through your hair later to wear it down a little. Generally, it keeps my hair soft. I also use TresSemme's No Frizz Shine Spray, which makes it shinier and looks glossier. They have so many kinds of shampoo and hair products these days! I'm sure they have something for thinning hair. ;)

As for your walk, it sounds so lovely...wish I were there!! Your friend sounds like quite the trouble maker!

Candace said...

I'm glad you got out for another good walk. That couple sound so sweet. Look forward to reading about the next visit.