Friday, May 2, 2008

Saga of a Thursday Walk

Well, people I got my walk in yesterday, but at what cost? I even added something to it and put in a trip down the steep part (one baby step after the other) and back up the non steep part. I did that in the middle of my walk and it felt great to get that accomplished. Heart rate was 180 when I finished. Is that good?

But the saga begins just before the walk. I decided to walk after catching up on all the bloggers that I frequent. When I had finished I put on the old sneakers (note to self: buy new sneakers) and headed out the door. As I was descending the porch steps something went awry. I slipped and bounced down 4 of them. Tried to catch myself with my left hand and injured not only the butt but the middle finger. I hit so hard that I lost my hearing for about 5 minutes. I sat there for a while and just cried, then hobbled into the house and crashed on the couch until the hearing came back. All I could think of was that the evil one was trying to keep from walking. Let me digress a little and say that the first thing I looked at when I fell was the middle finger. I thought I'd broken a nail. Now tell me that's not a girly thing. Then I realized that it was much worse than a nail when I couldn't hear. Well, I wasn't going to let the fall get the best of me and I didn't think I needed an ambulance so, still having the sneakers on, out I went for the walk. About half way through it the hip joint of my left leg started hurting and I just kept limping and it worked itself out. So now you know why I used baby steps to get down the steep part. I was scared to death that I'd fall again. And keep in mind that since I live in the country the driveway is not paved, only gravel.

Sleep last night was horrible. Every time I shifted positions the tail bone hurt like...well you get the picture. And I must have hit the finger on the bed a few times because the pain from that wasn't pleasant either. This morning I tried to look in the bathroom mirror at my rear without success but the finger looks like an over stuffed sausage.

I'm taking today off from walking since I'm not supposed to do it more than 3 times a week at first. I'll probably just do it every other day for a while.

On a happier note, when I logged my points in last night I had 4 points left over for the day. My first thought was, "Wow, I can eat something else," then my second thought was, "Why, you're not hungry." So I went on to bed. I was exhausted from the ordeal of the day and was in bed 2 hours before my usual time.

Since I'm not going to be running anytime soon I don't need running shoes. Do you have any suggestions for the best walking shoes? The ones I have aren't really old but really stiff and I feel like I have club feet when I walk in them. And they are a little tight, can't even get them tied. They are hand me downs from a friend. I need something with a good sole because of the gravel but I sure would rather have a more flexible pair.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I haven't got any plans except walking tomorrow.


Fatinah said...

poor, poor you!
I sure hope that you heal up ok.

as for the shoes - go to a store like the Running Room where they will analyse your walk and then recommend an appropriate shoe for what you're doing.

Awesome work not eating those points just cause you had them! Seriously - that is the key to success baby!!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, what is with that? We get all worked up to walk or run, and and evil is there to push us down on the ground. Such a bully! But I am so proud of you for getting back up and getting out there anyway!

As for the shoes, I bought a pair of running shoes when i did the 3Day Breast Cancer walk. I liked them because they are so light! But they have walking shoes too, it all depends on your budget. I read a report that most $50 shoes are just as good as the $150 ones, but someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Good luck walking!!

Cammy said...

My word. I turn my back for a minute and you go skippety-bopping down your stairs! I hope you are feeling better today! If you're able, be sure to get up and move around now and again. That will help with the soreness.

I wonder if a pair of women's light hiking shoes would be a good match for your needs. They look like sneakers, but they have different bottoms on them. If you got to and look up women's hiking shoes, you can see what I'm talking about.

Take care of yourself, Ms.Deborah! And please remember the handrail. :)

Sparky said...

Wow! You are a trooper for going walking after that!

I don't know much about shoes except it is important to have good ones. Sorry I'm not much help :)