Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just more stuff...

Hey, hey, hey, it's Hump Day. All you workers out there, you're half way to the weekend and some rest or relaxation!

Almost forgot about my walking yesterday. Was really hungry around 4:00 so decided to have my supper then and lunch later. I made some cornbread and had a little square with some pinto beans. YuMMMMM. Was setting here talking on the phone to a friend and all of a sudden I looked outside and remembered that I hadn't walked yet. Well, at that point my tummy was too full to go out there so I had to wait. Went out around 7:00 as a storm was blowing in and sprinkles were coming down. Didn't take my rain coat with a hood and it was a little on the coolish side but after I began walking I warmed up nicely. The sprinkles stopped and never did get hit with the downpour I was expecting.

Walked 32 minutes
Minimum Heart Rate -> 106
Average Heart Rate -> 140
Maximum Heart Rate -> 167
Calories Burned -> 570

The higher calorie burn was probably because I ran for one lap. So there you go, 4 days on exercise plan.

While talking to the friend we just couldn't come to an agreement on walking together. She must do it in the mornings because it really energizes her and she can't sleep at night if she exercises in the afternoons or evenings. Me on the other hand, it wears me out and I'm really sleepy after exercising so if I do it in the mornings I need a nap within an hour afterward or at least to set around with my head propped up in my hand. So I guess I'll just keep doing it alone.

Official weigh-in today but that's not until around noon so I will add those stats later or tomorrow.

Errands today. I've mentioned them enough here that you probably already know them by heart so I won't go there.

Orkin is supposed to be here today and that will be a stressful time for me because I may have to get huffy with the man if he won't climb on a ladder and spray the beams where the carpenter bees are.

Have a good one.


->cara said...

I'm so proud of you for walking FOUR DAY IN A ROW!!!

And you RAN for one lap??? Way to go!!!

Pinto beans and cornbread. I miss pinto beans. I bought a bag of them to cook up several months ago but never made them. No one else will eat them with me so I have to make them when everyone else is doing something else for dinner. Same thing with seafood. I'll usually only get pinto beans or seafood or mushrooms when we go out to eat. There are definite advantages for cooking for one. You get to eat whatever you want. :)

Pattie said...

You go right ahead and get huffy with that Orkin person if he doesn’t do what you're paying him to do. So there!!

Good for you, for walking last night, no matter what time. You really are inspiring me, Deborah - thank you!

Fatinah said...

"higher calorie count cause I ran a lap" - she types ever so casually!!!!

YOU RAN??????????

I am almost jumping up and down excited at how much effort you're putting into this!

4 freakin days of exercising! Your heart is loving you!

I am really, really impressed missy! Awesome work!

Cammy said...

Ha-ha! For a minute there, I thought I read, "I ran for one lap." Crazy eyesight. :)

YOU ROCK!!!! I think you might have found your groove.

I'm sort of like with you on the morning exercise, but for some reason, on weekends, I'm fine with it. It's just exercising before I go to work I have a problem with.

have a great day!

Fatinah said...

re your comment on my blog - I LOVE Criminal Minds....I just wish Shemar Moore's character would take his shirt off more often!!!! ;-)