Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Brief History Lesson...

While lying in bed last night I was thinking about a previous post of mine. In it I mentioned that I didn't have a bath room in my loft and had to trudge down the stairs to potty. I also mentioned that I sometimes took my thunder mug with me to use instead of navigating the stairs half asleep. I got to thinking that most of you are way younger than I and probably mostly city folks and you probably don't know what a "Thunder Mug" is. So here are some pictures and explainations. The thunder mug was used in the mid 1800's in homes of mostly wealthy people so that they wouldn't have to go outside to the "privvy" or "out house." Thunder mugs (bottom picture) ususally had handles so they could slide through the back into a potty chair (top left picture). But mine is a little different (top right picture). And there you have it, a brief history lesson.

I did get my walk in yesterday.

Walking Stats:

Walked 33 minutes
Minimum heart rate 104
Average heart rate 138
Maximum heart rate 154
Calories burned 525

Gosh am I ever hungry after a walk. I wanted to eat every thing in the house last night. I settled for a salad with kidney beans in it and later a half a peanut butter sandwich.

I also got the sweeper run, even the cobwebs in the corners way up high. Got 2 loads of laundry done (that's about all I have) and the kitchen cleaned. I really felt pretty good about myself for getting all that in yesterday. Now if someone would just find a way for the dishes to do themselves I'd be a happy camper. I hate it when I finally get the kitchen cleaned and have to cook and dirty it up again. What a vicious cycle. And I'm a procrastonator big time. No way I'd actually do the dishes as I go. Or even right after I finish a meal. No, not me, I have to wait a day or three. Course there's only me and there aren't many to wash and I hate wasting well water on just a few. Sounds like a good excuse doesn't it?

That's all for today folks. Have a good one.


->cara said...

Good choice on eating the salad, beans and peanut butter sandwich after a walk. Great protein and fiber in those foods. Better to refuel your muscles with.

33 minute walk, huh?? Great job!!!

Fatinah said...

Glad to hear you got such a great walk in!

MaryFran said...

Glad to hear you got a walk in! PLUS all that activity and energy that you expended while working around the house!!!!

I'm with you...dishes are the pits! It's never ending. That and laundry. I get the hamper emptied and everything washed and it seems before I even get the clothes put away, the hamper has more dirty clothes in it (I don't even have the excuse of kids!)

Donna said...

Hahaha, thanks for the pictures, I'm definitely a visual learning. I think your thunder pot is very classy ;)

Congrats on the walk and not indulging the cravings. I have the same problem...

angienicholas said...

good job on getting your walk in. I am trying my best to stay on track. it helps with the lack of food right now meaning no junk food in the house. your doing great too keep up the good work.

Sparky said...

wow! you are burning crazy calories with that walking! Good job!

Pattie said...

If you find a way for those dishes to clean themselves, will you send them to my house, so they can teach mine that trick?? :-)

I've never heard the term "thunder mug" but I certainly remember out-houses. My grandma had one at her home until I was about 8 or so. We sure are blessed to have indoor plumbing, aren’t we?

But I think it's a great idea to use something in your loft so you don’t have to trudge downstairs in the middle of the night. Smart thinking!

Cammy said...

So much more discreet as a thunder mug as opposed to a slop jar, which is what they were referred to down here. I don't know why, since they weren't a jar shape.

Okay, so I had to go google it:

This is what the one my great-grandmother kept, and while I was glad not to have to go to the outhouse on a cold winter night, the porcelain rim on the pot was c-c-c-cold enough!

Good for you for getting a great walk in!!! Plus you've inspired me to do some "vigorous house-cleaning" for today's exercise.