Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Exercise...

I still haven't walked since the 18th but I did get some exercise in today. I just got finished shoveling 3 (3 gallon) buckets full of gravel and carrying it approx. 100 yards to fill in two holes in my yard. Now I have to get some soil to put on top of the gravel. Why do I have two holes in my yard? Well the idiot that cuts my grass decided he didn't like looking at two rocks that were barely showing so he decided to dig them up and roll them over the hill. One hole was about 2'x 2'x 2' and the other about 1x1x1. And here comes the idiot part. He just left the holes there so anyone could step in them and break a leg or something. Maybe he was hoping he'd do it so he could sue me. This person is dating one of my friends and I really didn't want to make any waves so I was going to ask him "kindly" when he came back to mow to please fill in the holes. Well, my grass is about half way up to my knee by now and he stopped by day before yesterday and said it was too hot to mow now he'd come back later in the evening and knock it off. It only takes him 25 minutes to mow AND weed eat. He didn't show. So when I was talking to the friend yesterday I told her to give him a message not to bother coming back up. I'd take care of the yard myself. I don't have any doubts that I can do it now that I'm 59 pounds lighter. I just kept having him do it so he could earn a little extra money. He's always complaining that he's broke. Good riddance.

It is a beautiful day here. Not supposed to get above 75 today and it really looks like they might be right. When I was lying in bed last night I was looking out my window at the stars. They were georgous last night. I've been trying to look at them for the past two weeks because the nights have been clear most of the time but the durn moon kept getting in my eyes. No problem with the moon last night. It must be in a smaller phase or was in a different place.

Just before I carted the gravel to the holes I rode the ATV down the mountain to the mail box to put something in there for the letter carrier. About half way up I was kicking myself for not putting on my HRM. I wonder how many calories riding one of those things eats up. Then I still didn't have it on for the hole episode. Oh, well, I know I got some calories off with all that.

Another installment on pictures of my cabin. I decided that I didn't want over head cabinets because it would cover up the logs so my husband and I made 4 shelves to put on the walls just like they used to do back in "the olden" days. I have one for dishes, one for glasses and two (on either side of my stove) for spices.

Have a b-e-a-u-tiful day.


MaryFran said...

First of all, let me tell you that I am loving the pictures of your cabin and the rustic-ness of it! It looks absolutely neat! Looks like a place that I would love to live in!

Secondly, I'm sorry to hear that your 'lawnboy' did not work out! BUT, I give you two thumbs up for taking the bull by the horns and saying you'll take care of it yourself. Think of all the calories you'll be burning (activity points earned!)

Donna said...

ditto what maryfran said. You could have just found a new person, but why not just do it yourself. =) It burns more calories, kudos to you!

ps, I love how your cups are all different, bright colors. Very cute =)

Cammy said...

It's really cruel of you to post one pretty picture after another, especially considering some of us live in mundane suburban track housing in heat-infested cities in the South.


According to, riding a motorcycle burns 170 cals per hour, but I'll bet that's not riding it up the side of a mountain.

angienicholas said...

with me feeling depressed it has a lot to do with the having the baby and taking on so much more responsabiltiy (sp) and also the fact that I have to re lose this weight again. It's just been a lot to handle all at once.
I am trying to work threw it on my own. but have come to realize I may not be able to so I will see about getting put back on meds that I was on before the baby was born and see how it goes. thanks for the encouragement and I hope that you feel better soon as you said you were feeling a little down as well. Angie

->cara said...

I'm glad you got rid of the "lawn boy". I know that was hard telling your friend. I hope she took it okay. But I'm so glad you got up the nerve to do it. You'll be much happier depending on yourself to do it from now on. And the next time you do it and wear your HR monitor, you might enjoy doing it to burn some extra calories, too! :)