Friday, July 11, 2008

Errands and Exercise?

Don't think I'll do that again. Errands and exercise on the same day? That exhausted me totally. Yep, I got my walking in, even on errand day. Whew! I was so tired and sleepy by 7:00 I had a really hard time staying awake until bed time. I could have given in and gone on to bed then but who wants to be up at 3:00 in the morning if they don't have to and remember this is the lady that hates mornings anyway. I did make myself stay up until 11:00 (there was a new show I wanted to watch that came on at 10:00) read about a half hour with droopy eyes and fell fast asleep. Only to wake up at 2:00 wide awake. Had to force myself back to sleep. So looking back I should have napped on the couch for a little while when I first got sleepy around 7:00.

Walking Stats:

Walked for 30 minutes
Minimum heart rate was 98
Average heart rate was 138
Maximum heart rate was 167
Calories burned were 582

I was so proud of myself for getting the walking in after errands I had a hard time not posting again yesterday evening. But then I realized I'd have nothing to say today so I waited. I ran for 0.0476 of a mile again (one lap) and incorporated some arm exercise into the walking too. My shoulders and arms are sore this morning as well as my legs. When Boot Scootin' Boogy came on the iPod I didn't have the energy left to line dance so I just sang along. I was really ready to quit after 20 minutes but I had to keep telling myself that "it was just 30 minutes out of my sedentary life so suck it up and finish." I can't believe it, that made 6 days on my exercise plan. That's a new record for me!

I had a weird experience when coming out of the grocery store. I drive an H3, sort of silver in color. It's the only one in the county. When I was exiting the store there was a silver H3 parked on the opposite side of the parking lot than where I parked mine and it's just a small lot (only holds about 30 cars). I started toward it wondering if I had lost my mind and forgotten that I parked on the other side then saw mine out of the corner of my eye. Glad I didn't make the mistake of trying to get into it and loading my groceries in someone elses vehicle.

I have an H3 because of my mountain and driveway. Most other 4-wheel drive vehicles will make it up the mountain in the snow but not up my driveway. I've had several different ones and even a jeep has difficulty, not the H3 though. I sometimes feel guilty driving it because of the gas mileage but then remember how little I do drive. I only go off the mountain once a week or week and a half and only to Lewisburg about once a month or every other month so I am conserving on the fuel. I just need it because of where I live.

When I got home and was unloading the groceries I heard a funny noise coming from the non-running thing. Sounded like water dripping onto a hot skillet. I popped the hood and it was really hot. So I got back in the car and turned the key to on without starting it and the heat guage was way up there. It's only 7 months old and I never even thought to look at that guage while I was driving it. I checked the coolant reservoir and it is half full. Now I don't know what is happening with it and the nearest Hummer service center is 4 hours away. I can just imagine driving an overheating car that far. Drive for half an hour and set and let it cool for an hour. That would take me 12 hours to get there. I'm going to call the service center this morning and see if it will still be under warranty if I take it to a Chevy dealership and have it checked. I sure hope so. I have to go to Lewisburg on Monday to get my new crowns put in and I'm afraid it will overheat driving it down there. This is one of the few times when I need a man around.

Hope your weekend is the grandest!


john said...

I love the photos. I am so jealous of where you live.

MaryFran said...

Good luck with the vehicle issues!

And don't feel guilty about driving a big vehicle. As you said, you NEED it! It's the people that live in town..and have no utter need for a gas guzzling big honkin' vehicle that get me! You are wise with your errend trips and even if you weren''s a neccesity! Drive it and enjoy every minute of it. (ok, enjoy every minute AFTER it's fixed up and no longer over heating!)

Pattie said...

Six days in a row?? Wow - congratulations! I've just done three in a row and am feeling pretty proud myself, as well. Let's keep supporting each other to keep on truckin'!

I'm with MaryFran: don’t feel the least bit guilty about your Hummer. Your situation is why they're made. Hope all goes well with the repairs.

PS – I announced the winners of my contest today, if you care to take a look!

JC said...

On that car I would think they would send someone out to you. I understand completely, house repairs, yard and car issues always get me to thinking I need a man. However, God is good and always provides someone to take care of whatever needs taking care of so once the crisis is over I forget about the need for a man. Hope you have a great weekend and hope customer service takes care of your H3. JC

P.S. Running errands is my exercise.

angienicholas said...

hope things are OK with your car. Good for you for getting exercise in when you had other things to do. It's always tiring. Hope your having a good weekend Angie

Cammy said...

I'm so proud of you and for you for sticking to your exercise plan! I know that exercise is not your first (or possibly, twenty-first *G*) way you would spend your time, which is what makes this accomplishment all the more significant. Way to go!

I'm with the others on the Hummer. You NEED that power to get to and from your home. People like me do not need them to negotiate the speedbumps and turn lanes that make up the majority of our travel experiences.

Hope all is okay with the auto. Do you suppose it could've just been complaining about that uphill climb? (I would.*G*)

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!