Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me...Happy Anniversary to Me...

Today is my first year anniversary of starting on weight loss (this time around) and a healthier life (for the first time). I've lost 58 pounds in 366 days (yep this was a leap year so I had to add an extra day).

As I set here reflecting...

About a month ago I was really disappointed that all the weight wouldn't be off by my anniversary. All the times in the past that I lost weight it came off really fast (at least 2 pounds a week) so I had figured that surely I could get almost 100 pounds of in a year. I've still got 42 pounds to go and the year is up. In thinking really hard about it I realize that this time I haven't been stressing so much with just staying on a diet but learning to eat healthier (with the exception of a few little cheats along the way). That way I could eat some of the things that I like, just prepared in a healthier way. I'm sure this has made it slower as well as the age factor. I'm no spring chicken anymore. And this time I've had a lot more weight to lose than the previous times, since this time I was the heaviest I'd ever been.

So I'm just not going to kick myself in the rear for not being skinny already and enjoy the life I've started. If it takes me another year or so to get the rest of it off, so be it. At least doing it this way I'm not a grumpy butt all the time like I was when I was on a STRICT diet. I'm enjoying life a lot more this time around. And enjoying life is what life's all about, isn't it?


->cara said...

I'm so glad to hear that positive attitude!!!

I know I was hoping I'd be done in a year, too. You wanna hear something funny? It's been 13.5 months that I've been on WW and I have 40-45 pounds yet to go. So we're about the same again. :)

I know I've probably got at least a full year left to lose the next 40 pounds. Funny, it only took me 6 months to lose the 1st 40 pounds. Would be nice if I was 6 months away from being done. But that's almost 1.6 pounds a week on average. Not going to happen this time! I think my average lately has only been .4 to .6 pounds a week.

Oh, well, at least we're still in this together, right?

So what if it takes us another year to reach goal. Once we get there, there's absolutely no way we'll gain any of it back, right???!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

For me the self-imposed deadlines came and went. It was nice to have a goal, but in the end I was always closer at the goal 'date' than I would have been. You're doing great.

Sparky said...

Great attitude!

JC said...

I've been going over a year and just now at 62 with another 100 to go. If I thing about the total I get to overwhelmed and give up. I've decided that I am 54 right now and planning on living a very long time so what if it take me a few years to get it of. I'll just enjoy the journey.

You may be like me and can't see how different you look now compared to 50 something pounds ago. People tell me I'm shrinking but when I look in the mirror I see all the fat. I realized I really do look different when I had a new ID made for work and when I had my last picture made with my sisters and compared them to older pictures. It is a major different.

Have a great evening. I didn't mean to type a book. Sorry, JC

Fatinah said...

congratulations! learning to eat healthier is a lifelong journey - glad to see you embrasing it!

MaryFran said...

When I get disappointed about how long this 'journey' is taking I think about that little statistic that pretty much says that the odds for keeping the weight off gets better when a person loses the weight slowly.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather the process be slow but then have a better chance of keeping it off versus losing it quick and gaining it back just as quickly!

Happy one year!

Cammy said...

Yippee! Happy Anniversary!

You may not be where you originally dreamed, but the fact is that YOU STUCK WITH THE PROGRAM FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!! That's such an incredible success! I'm so proud for you! Really, I'm beaming here.

Way to go, Deborah!!!