Friday, July 18, 2008

Lazy Thursday (and Probably Friday)...

Well, I tried something different this morning. I decided to read blogs before blogging myself. Actually I came here and started to type and nothing came out of my head. I even contemplated not posting at all today. But here I am.

Fingers are really sore this morning. All that "old age" joint pain. And it's quite uncomfortable to type...but.

Had a really restful day yesterday. House was clean, laundry done and lazy set in. Didn't get my walk in and I have no excuse or reason for it. Just didn't do it. I started a new book on Monday night and I can't put it down. With Monday and Tuesday being so busy out of the house and Wednesday so busy in the house that I didn't have time to read much those day. I made up for it yesterday. Gosh it's a good one. It's called "The Good Guy" by Dean Koontz and it is really different from his regular genre. No creatures, ghouly stuff or weird stuff, just plain old suspense. I think it's the best one he's ever written (except for all the big words he's been using over the past few years).

Had a restless sleep and am rather tired this morning but life happens.

Thought I'd share this picture of my toilet paper dispenser with you. The company I had a few weeks ago told me she got a real kick out of it every time she uses my bathroom.

Have a great weekend.


->cara said...

That TP holder is adorable!!

I didn't have much to say on my blog today either. Must be a lazy Friday thing.

I'll call you tomorrow. It's been too long.

Happy Friday!!!

Pattie said...

Your TP dispenser is darling, and fits your cabin perfectly. Out here, we have a chain of restaurants called The Black Bear Diner. Everything is black bears - except the food, of course!

I'm not a mystery or thriller fan, so I've not read anything by Koontz, but my sister is reading his Odd Thomas series right now and is raving about them. Between the two of your recommendations, I might just have to check him out.


MaryFran said...

I can't wait until my husband gets home to show him your tp dispenser! He loves all things black bears. And is always buying little things like that dispenser (he's never seen it or I'd probably have one!).

Sometimes a day relaxing with a good book is just what we need. ER, two days? THree days?

Donna said...

Oh man, where did you get it? I love it! There's a set similar to that at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but my husband vetoed it because it doesn't really match our bathroom. He's right, but cute!!!

Cammy said...

Yaay for a rest day. Or two. :)

Hope you have a restful AND productive AND healthy weekend!!