Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a Restful Night...

I have to admit I took Cammy's advice, sort of. (And according to her comment left yesterday about driving using 200 calories an hour I used more than I consumed yesterday, so there.) Since I was soooo hungry when I got home I ate supper and then was way too full to walk, so I was waiting for my dinner to settle some and got so sleepy I could hardly keep my head up. I went to bed at 9:00 and after trying to read for half an hour was asleep by 9:30. Wondering how I could know that it was 9:30? Well, I kept reading with one eye while resting the other and couldn't make it any more by 9:30. I don't even remember turning off the light, so I must have fallen right to sleep. Got in 8 hours of uninterrupeted sleep and then decided to roll over and sleep a little more so I finally got 10 hours. I feel great today!! Even though it is morning!

On the agenda for today is running the sweeper, do a little laundry and calling Orkin. Sounds rather boring but I need boring. I don't think I'll be behind the wheel of a vehicle for at least a week. I'm sick of driving and running around. I'm really looking forward to enjoying my beautiful view from my porch swing for at least 7 days.

Official weigh-in was this morning and it said 191 again. Not up or down. I still think my scales are broken.

Have a great "middle of the week."


->cara said...

Great job on getting a full nights rest. You sure needed it, too!

Did you know you burn calories doing house work? Look what I found on

Activity:...Calories burned (per 30 minutes)*:
Doing laundry...73
Mopping the floor...153
Mowing the lawn (push mower) ...148
Raking the lawn...135
Rearranging furniture...225
Washing dishes...77
Washing the car...153
Washing windows...105
Weeding the yard...153

That should give you some motivation to do housework, huh?

Oh, and by the way, maybe you should give some serious though to buying new scales. (Though my weight is stuck too, and I know my scales are good.)

Sparky said...

great that you had a great night's sleep. Hope you have a great day!

Donna said...

I bet all that driving made you so exhausted! No wonder you slept so well. =) Enjoy the view! You sound like you're on vacation every day, it certainly makes a working girl jealous!

JC said...

Hey Deborah, I did leave but I set up some post just to throw. Big scary robber person that may trol the internet blogs off. |'m sitting in the business center of the Dan Panaroma in Tel Aviv. Checking email. Don't you feel blessed to be hearing from me. I'll be back 7/24 just don't tell the big scary robber person. Have a great week. JC

Cammy said...

I'm so glad you got some good rest!! Makes the day look brighter doesn't it?

Kudos on maintaining. I don't know about you, but a stressy week like you just had is treacherous ground for folks trying to lose a few pounds. So, take that maintain, say thank you, and just tippy toe away for this week. :)

Have a great day!

angienicholas said...

glade you got a good nights sleep. And the stability ball is great. you can do all kinds of things with it.take care angie

Pattie said...

That good night's sleep sounds like it was manna from heaven! So does seven days sitting on your porch, looking at the gorgeous view. Wish I could sit there with you for a spell... :-)

MaryFran said...

A maintain on the scales is a HUGE victory after the few days you've had!!! Give yourself a pat on the back.