Friday, July 25, 2008

Clothes and Hummers...

Every time I get dressed I think I'm putting on someone elses clothes. Having worn 2X to 3X t-shirts for the past 20 years these L's and XL's seem too small. Well, I need to explain a little better. They aren't too small actually, they fit just right, it's the feel of them when I put them over my head. When I put my arms in them and get ready to pull them over my head my arms are so close together that I feel like I've got someone elses shirt. It feels like it's going to be too small. Wonder if that feeling will go away. Course it's a nice feeling and I revel in it every time I get dressed but... I've gone from a 3X to an XL in shirts (is that 2 sizes or 3?) and from 20/22 jeans to 14 (I know that's 3/4 sizes). It is a wonderful feeling.

The strangest thing is going on at my hummingbird feeder. In all these years of feeding them I've only had one little family of hummers. Mom, Pop and a Kid. Yesterday evening I looked out and counted 7 setting on the feeder at once vying for one of the 6 holes. The feeder was one third full at 6 o'clock and by 8 o'clock it was empty. I usually only fill it half way and only refill it once a week. At this rate I'll have to do it every day or every other day. And I'm running out of sugar. I may even have to go buy another feeder when I go to get more sugar. Are hummingbirds worth 2 gallons of gasoline it will take me to go to town to get the stuff? Probably. And maybe the store will have more strawberries today. They were out when I went on Monday.

I'm a lovin' my bedtime snack of cereal and soy milk. Actually I'm using it as my dessert and snack. Sure takes care of the sweet craving after dinner. Now I don't have to hit the 100 calorie snack packs to get rid of that sweet craving and the cereal is so much better for me even though it is more calories. Hey I figured out how many calories the french toast and homemade syrup would be and it is only 20 more calories than my cereal so I may have that tonight instead. Course after I open the bottle of syrup I'll have to put it in the fridge and the cute little bottle won't be setting out on the counter any more, but...

My plans for today are mowing and weed eating. I also need to run the sweeper but I know lazy ole' me and that will probably wait for a couple more days.

Hope your weekend is the greatest!


->cara said...

That's so cool about the hummingbird feeder. Pretty soon, you'll have a whole community of hummers.

And I just LOVE that feeling when I put on a smaller sized shirt that fits snugly. I have some of my 2X ad 3X shirts that I wear around the house to clean in, but when I put them on I feel so ashamed. Like I'm trying to hide out in someone else's clothes.

I love the cereal and soy milk, too. I've had it for my dinner a couple of times. It was completely satisfying. I wanted some for breakfast this morning but someone (who shall remain nameless) at the last of the cereal along with the last of the soy milk as an after work snack yesterday. Ugh! He had breakfast this morning. I had to eat a frozen waffle (5 points, thank you very much) that belonged to daughter. Double Ugh!

MaryFran said...

Definitely worh the gas to take care of the hummingbirds. And the strawberries are an added bonus! (IN my book strawberries alone would be worth the trip!)

I'm the same with my clothes. They dont' feel like mine. I fold them and they look so tiny! Every time I think, I surely can't fit into this...yet I do! :-)

Congrats on your 'tiny' clothes!

Sparky said...

Hummingbirds are definately worth 2 gallons of gas :) Have a great weekend.

Fatinah said...

how nice that you have an awesome reminder of your hard work every time you get dressed. I think those are the little things that can keep us going on the weight loss front, when we've been at it a while.

Donna said...

I can't wait until I go from a 20 to a 14 and a 3x to a Large. Just you talking about makes it sound so attainable. Yay! I can't wait till I'm there! I've always dreamed of being a size 14.

Your hummingbirds sound so lovely. How exciting!

Cammy said...

Oh I know what you mean with the clothes! There's a moment of panic when I'm sure I've gained all my weight back because this size L shirt isn't going to ever--oh wait, it fits. :)

Katschi said...

Way to go on the smaller sizes! Do you FEEL thinner?
I haven't gotten into smaller sizes yet...I can't wait.
I love that you feed the hummers & I'd definitely go get another feeder. I love feeding the birds.
Cereal with almond milk for me. It's a great snack IMO. French toast, although delicious, would trigger a binge for's the bread.

SeaShore said...

Are hummingbirds worth 2 gallons of gasoline it will take me to go to town to get the stuff?

Yes. But you already knew that ;)

Congrats on your smaller sizes!

Pattie said...

More hummers are definately worth a trip into town, especially if it involves berries for you!

Congrats on the smaller sizes! You've earned them. :-)