Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Now you've gone and done it! You've hurt my feelings. Making fun of my nonchalantly mentioning my running one lap. One whole lap, good grief. It takes 21 laps to make a mile and one lap is less than a drop in the bucket. You all act nonchalant about your exercise so I thought that was the way I was supposed to do it too. I'll do better next time.

I didn't tell you the best part of my running for 0.0476190476 of a mile. Now you have to picture this 'cause I sure as heck ain't gonna capture it on film for you. Ok, here goes, picture a 60+ year old fat woman walking in a t-shirt and jammy bottoms (no over the shoulder bolder holder). {can you tell where this is going?} This old lady decides to crank it up notch and put in a lap of running. Guess what started moving up and down? Yep! I had to use my hands as a bra {::ouch that was hurting}.

man finally came and climbed on a ladder and sprayed and put out bait to kill them (this one says they are carpenter ants not bees) as they entered the house. I sure hope that does it. He only put it in one place where he thinks they are getting in so if that doesn't do it he will have to come back with plastic tarps and cover everything in the house and climb on the ladder again and do a little bit at a time across the entire house. I sure hope he brings someone with him to help with moving the ladder and holding it for him. I helped today.

Oh, ::and again she says nonchalantly:: I lost a half pound. But alas I've seen this weight before. I want to see a new number before I'll be excited. And my legs hurt.


Cammy said...

Oh, nooooooo! I wouldn't intentionally hurt your feelings for all the money in the world! I'm truly, truly sorry! ::is ready to jump off bridge::

It was your nonchalantness that made it such a powerful post. You've been having so much trouble getting your walking in over the past month, that when you not only have had a heinie-kicking week, but RAN, it was amazing to read. And wonderful! Please, please, please will you do it again?! (Maybe with the bra this time? We have to be careful we don't put an eye out with these things.)

Fatinah said...

ditto what Cammy said - I was sincerely impressed that you ran. especially now that I know you did it without a bra! HAHAHA

Sparky said...

Running can become addictive. I feel powerful sometimes when I run. Good for you for giving it a shot. I bet it felt cool aside from the bra-less part :)

->cara said...

I love the way you calculated the nth percentage of a mile you ran. :))

And please wear a bra next time! Just the thought of that makes mine hurt.

I'm sincerely happy for you that you ran one lap, no matter how small the accomplishment might have seemed to you.

You have come so far. And I'm so proud of you!

Donna said...

Ooh congrats on your run! I am uber proud of you. I too was impressed with your mileage calculation ;)

I'm on vacation in Virginia right now! Actually I leave for home tonight, but it's a little strange to think we're in the same state right now!

Anywho, after two weeks of traveling around DC, I'm ready to get back on the ball. I'll be back soon!!! Keep up the good work!

MizFit said...

delurking to echo what others have said.

it was the casualness that made it all the more POWERFUL!


MaryFran said...

You ran!!! Way to go!!!!!