Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back to Walking...

Hey, Y'all!! I walked for 30 minutes yesterday!! In the rain!!

Minimum heart rate -> 98
Average heart rate -> 137
Maximum heart rate -> 168
Calories burned -> 335

So how's that??

And I'm up 2.5 pounds this morning from my excited 190.5 (the past few days) to my depressing 193 (for the last 2+ months) again. WHY?

I tell you this is really getting to me.

I need some help here. My average calorie intake from week before last was 1340. And I've been keeping it around there for the past few months while fluctuating between 191.5 and 193. Last week it was 1574 where I lost a half a pound. Is my body telling me that it will only lose weight in the 1500's? That just doesn't make any sense to me. I searched and searched several sights and they all said approximately the same. That I should consume between 1200 and 1550 calories to lose weight and I've tried to keep it closer to the 1200 all this time. When I was counting WW points along with calories I was keeping my points within the range they had set and sometimes going over by a point or 3 only. Again within their range because I wasn't eating all of my flex points, just a few. I just don't understand. Do you?

Could it be the stress? The stress over watching my food intake and stressing over what I can and can not eat the rest of the day to stay on track? When I took my little mini-vacation from this "diet" I still counted my calories but I didn't do it until at the end of the day after I had been bad or good and didn't know it. I just enjoyed myself and most of the time I did really well but some days I didn't. I know stress can affect weight loss or gain, so maybe that's it. By now I know what I should or shouldn't eat and if I ate something I shouldn't I was careful not to over do it.

Happy Sunday to all.


MaryFran said...

It could be stress....and just the dulldrums of doing the same old same old every day. Have you gotten 'lazy' about measuring stuff. Could you be counting your calories a bit low?

IF all is totally in line, the keep plugging along. Your body will eventually catch up and you will achieve the desired results!

->cara said...

I agree, it could be stress. I know stress does make me gain or maintain. It could be too few calories, too. Maybe try shooting for 1500 calories for one week and walk every day too. With the extra calorie intake, the exercise will compensate a bit. Just be careful that the extra calories that you eat are still healthy calories and not "junk" food. i know it's tempting when I have to put in some extra points in my day to finish them off with some high calorie/fat junk food.

Who knows what it's gonna take to get you below the 190 brick wall. I would try something different, though. If that's different calories, different foods, different exercise, or whatever.

JC said...

Well, Debrorah!!! It could be stress. I eat more than I realize when I'm stress and I also eat to much junk and fast food when I'm stressing. I've been where you are but I have a long way to go to get to the 190's. I decided to do the core plan for a while and it worked. I just ate the foods that are o.k. to eat. As much of them as I wanted between hunger and satisifed and it worked. There's something to think about.

Proud of you for walking even in the rain. Your more dedicated than I am. A co-worker told me that walking makes her retain fluid. That was one I hadn't heard before.

My count down to vacation is offically on 8 days now. Thanks for paying me visits and leaving comments. I always look forward to hearing from you. Have a blessed day. JC

Fatinah said...

that is the problem with weighing yourself everyday. It can be something as simple as too much sodium in the past few days causing water retention.

I would get our your measuring cups and spoons to be sure your portions are on track and also look at how many boxed or processed foods or meats you're eating.....but don't stop walking. You had a great walk and really rocked it - you need to keep that up!!

oh, and also look at how much water you're drinking...perhaps not enough?

Candace MacPherson said...

Actually, you need to eat to lose. I know this sounds wonky, but you really do need to eat to fuel your day. Possibly, for you, the lower caloric range was just too low for the activity you are doing and your body weight. Stick to the higher calories another week or so and see what happens. - ps, I lost best at 1600-1800 calories per day, so pooey to the 1550 most of the sites assigned as my 'maximum'. We're science experiences in the making:)