Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day After..

Boy was I wrong. I figured no one would be posting yesterday since it was a holiday so I just posted my little celebratory pic the night before and didn't even get on the Internet yesterday except to input my food intake. And this morning as I hit my forehead with the butt of my hand I remembered that not all of us live in the USA, duh. So, sorry to those of you that came and saw nothing. And I guess a few of us USAers didn't have such a busy day that blogging couldn't be included. I won't make that mistake again.

My fourth was a boring day. I spent it totally alone, except for the dogs and cats. No special foods, no celebrating with friends, just watching JAG and NCIS marathons. And reading a lot. I hate living along when holidays roll around!!

I was up fairly early yesterday morning (around 7:00) and by the time 5:00 rolled around I had already eaten my breakfast, lunch and dinner and thought, OH NO, now what am I going to do. I knew I'd be hungry before bed time and had to figure out what I could have to fill me up without many calories. Well, I made it and decided to go to bed around 11:00. The scales said 190.5 this morning as they have for the past couple of days. That's a one pound loss since weigh-in last week. Hope it will be just a little bit more or at least stay the same until weigh-in next Wednesday. I am so looking forward to kissing the 190's good-bye.

Don't have much planned for today except walking. Yes, I'm going to make myself get out there and walk today even if I cry the whole time because I'm so lazy. Why, oh why, couldn't I have gotten my Mother's hyper genes instead of my Daddy's lazy ones.

Have a great Saturday.


MaryFran said...

Well there, if I had known you were to be alone I would have had you join us for our fourth of July celebration! :-)

As for the fireworks picture on my blog, steal steel away. Enjoy!

Cammy said...

(If you haven't done your walk yet, get out there NOW.)

Okay, now I can post. :)

I didn't do much yesterday other than work and workout. Oddly enough, my food-loving family doesn't usually do much for this holiday. Imagine that.

Dreaming 18x dreams for you, kiddo!

JC said...

Congrats on another lb. gone. See not having something to do for the holiday worked in your favor. You may have another lb. off by weigh in. What were you thinking with all that tie dying?? Really though your porch looks beautiful with your artwork waving in the breeze. Thanks for coming by on Skywatch day. Have a happy Sunday. Hope you got out and walked. I have a major lazy gene but I didn't get it from either of my parents. JC

Pattie said...

How did the walk go? Can you send some of your motivation my way, please?? I think I got your Dad's lazy genes, too! :-)

->cara said...

funny... i got my mom's lazy gene's.