Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I'm about ready to go jump off a cliff. Good thing there aren't any very near, just mountains.

The Hummer service called bright and early this morning and said I could pick up my car. I got dressed and headed out. They couldn't find a thing wrong with it, and it didn't overheat on the trip home. Not even on the way up my mountain.

I left around 8:00 and just got home at 4:30. That was fun. ::she says sarcastically:: And I'm starving. Didn't eat anything until around 1:00. Took two bottles of ice and water with me and just finished the last one as I was walking in the door. I still haven't gotten my walking in today but I still have hopes that I will. I'm gonna try at least after I rest my legs and arms a little from that much driving.

As much as I love where I live it sure is inconvenient and if I could afford it I'd move. But I can't. Prices of housing in other places that I would consider living are just too steep. I don't have a mortgage on the place I live and if I moved I'd have to have one at least until I could get this place sold. So I guess I'm stuck living in the boonies where nothing is convenient. Right now life pretty much sucks for me but I know in my heart that it will get better.

Oh, and to beat it all I still have sawdust falling from the rafters. Gotta remember to call Orkin tomorrow.

Have a good evening.


MaryFran said...

Keep your chin up! It will all work out! And when you have those moments of wishing that you lived someone closer to 'civilization' just remember the peacful scenery and view that you have and how much you would miss it! In the end, I'm sure it's all worth it. Ok ok ok, just not today! I'll zip my lips now!

->cara said...

I know they say the grass is always greener in someone else's yard, but you live in such a beautiful place. I'm amazed at the peace and tranquility you have at your front door. And the view from your kitchen window. And you house is just beautiful!

I know what you mean, though. When you're stuck somewhere, it's not as pretty as people see it from the outside.

You just need to take breaks and go visit your family more. That's what you need! Right??? ::hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink::

Anyway, I hope you got your walking in today. I absolutely HATED getting out of bed this morning to go biking, but I did it.

Cammy said...

I would be the last person to give you a built-in excuse for not exercising, but do keep in mind that driving burns 200 calories an hour. :)

I hope your days ahead are much less stressful!!

Sparky said...

Darn those little insects! I hope that was a one time thing with your truck. I hope to hear about a good walk tomorrow :)

angienicholas said...

my husband and I are going threw the same thing where we live. except we live in the city and wish some times that we lived in a smaller town. and then when we go to visit a said smaller town we wish we were back in the city. I am sure things will look up for you soon. Angie

Donna said...

I'm sure reading everyone's blogs about going to Costco and living on the edge make you feel more ansy to get out and explore the world. But just like Cara said, I bet all of us are jealous of your neck of the woods. ;)

Maybe someday you'll find the perfect place at the perfect time to move closer to civilisation, but until then, we all get to live peacefully - vicariously through you! Love ya!